Key Considerations Before You Move in a New Home With Your Partner

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Living together can get a lot of fun but not without its own set of challenges. Your beginning is humble and is moving in small spaces like Studio Apartment. Accept the challenges and take necessary steps before moving to make the best use of what’s available.

For a new beginning ( in Studio Apartment )

Begin with a positive mind and do the following. 

Get rid of the ( routine ) clutter  Discard the things that are not adding value to your life and you have stopped using the long before you acknowledge. Fix a day in a month ( well before the actual moving date to not get stressed at the 11th hour )to organize your things and marking things up mentally to remove them when necessary.

Rearrange space  Big and small things can free up a lot of space when arranged in a certain manner. You might have to experiment a little before coming to something you would like to stick for a long time. See what can take the vertical arrangement to free up more floor space.

Walls to advantage  Walls can solve many space issues if you get creative. Employ hooks, bar hangers, wall cupboards, shelves and racks, wall  mounted corner shelves to free up floor space. Then there are things like beds and iron boards that can be folded to fit wall when not in use.

Choose the right furniture Consider buying furniture with a box to hide things up and make them do double duty.

Keep things out of sight  the Make use of cloth baskets to throw statement Temporarily unused things, Mainly clothes  the BE  washed/donated by, study material, etc. To make the small space look organized and not chaotic.

• Use self  storage  For the things, you are attached to and not ready to throw away, and things that are needed rarely, there could be a place away from your place: Self  storage units. What are the things you can consider: Things to be used in a particular season (seasonal clothes and accessories, annual festive decorations, beach/pool equipment, fishing equipment, etc. ) or only when you are planning a certain vacation ( like skiing equipment, mountain bikes, etc. )


We say, unclutter as much as you can. On what to unclutter, you might consider the following ( or just visit the link for general knowledge!):

Old electronics: Newer versions, the latest designs, and functional issues with the existing ones along with the box filled up of unused power chords are the prompts you must look for to exchange/sell / replace. Don’t forget to consider your budget, need and available space as well while bringing a newer one to your home.

Outdated cloth / unused furnishings / Baby or kid’s cloth: Often newer cloth collection and lost fittings make your wardrobe cramp up. Don’t let that happen till the time it overwhelms you. Get rid of the cloth that your kids have outgrown or discarded. Keeping them would only make your space more stuffed up during Removals in Pinner.

Duplicate items: Humans tend to hoard, ending up accumulating more without actual need. Two screw divers of the same size, kitchen items, appliances that you rarely or do not use at all are the things you should be wary of and purge your packing boxes.

Storeroom pile-ups: Often this is the last place to start working on because of the years of the accumulations, mostly due to forgetfulness. You won’t be getting that in the studio apartment so get rid of those pile-ups with the thought that you will not have a place to keep all this.

kid ‘s stuff ( only of course if you or your partner has kids ): House seems smaller with an increasing number of kids stuff, more than they grow up. When you plan to move, you also plan to do away with them.

Downsizing …

The need to unclutter is even more when downsizing. However, we understand that uncluttering a house can be fairly difficult, more if you are sentimentally attached to the items. Still, you must consider that you cannot live without first reducing the number of items visible or stacked away.

The 3 acts that can help you to begin with the process of uncluttering or downsizing, much before removal companies come along to help you with your move:

Consider things you can live without: Human beings when unrestricted tend to be thoughtful, which is why often our limitations tend to make us more creative as well as selective. Things you cannot imagine your life without are the most important ones. Rest you can manage.

Organizing your top priority: This is sort of the next step to the same process. Prioritize things as per their need, importance, and frequency of usage. For example clothes, you haven’t bothered to see from the last 3 – 6 months are probably the clothes you won’t mind donating. However, the same couldn’t be true in the case of books for many bookworms. So prioritize.

Space management: Now, this one is vastly important when you have limited floor space and a wall available for managing your day  to  day life. Using furniture intelligently and decor that gives you a feeling of bigger space.

Self  storage Unit Considerations.

If you still end up with important yet not immediately needed things, choose the right self  storage unit with the following tips:

Storage needs: These could vary. For instance, any of the partners might have eccentric collections like Vinyl collection, limited edition toy collection, loads of family albums ( that couldn’t be digitalized for some reasons ), gift items with sentimental values, books that they have read and reread yet still not ready to give away. Then there are seasonal things and vocational things ( like the ones hinted above ). The list could go on.

Location decision: Nearest is the best. However, you might want to consider the reputation of the company, facilities included ( like removal services, packing and moving, pick  up  and  drop, timely pest control, climate control, protection against theft, fire, and water ), customer service, a record of insurance claims settled, and many more such things.

Take the help of a guide to decide on a storage unit for type and size: Most of the self  storage units come with a guide to help you decide which size and type of storage unit are going to be the best fit for your kind of needs.

Make the best of the available self storage space.

Now that you have decided to use self  storage, know how to keep it organized from start. Self Storage in Ruislip units could be very tricky to manage. You would do well to sit down as a couple, mark the space inside the storage unit for the belongings of both so that you won’t have to search the whole unit for something of the wife or the husband or the kid.

Have a plan: Beginning with a plan as to what items to put where would save you a lot of time later. Rough drawings of the unit can also do the trick.

Break down the bigger items: Things that can be reduced in size by folding, unscrewing or any other way without damaging the original structure should be stored in this manner. Though it would take time, but save you precious space.

Label things just as you understand: Labeling cardboard boxes will save you precious time. Just do it the way you can recall very easily else labeling won’t do you any good.

So start and work it along. Take the help of removal companies when you are overwhelmed by the core. We hope that the blog has been of some help when you are entering a new phase of life with your partner!


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