8 New Year’s Resolutions for Perfect Dental Health


It is once again that time of the year when we crave some delicious cakes and dishes, the company of our closed ones and of course make a list of New Year resolutions. Promise yourself something unique and make your resolution to maintain the perfect dental health in the upcoming year. This will help you to prevent an occasion where you have to go through the root canal treatment steps, wear braces, get a tooth cap, etc.

Here are the top 8 New Year’s Resolutions For Perfect Dental Health:

  • Prevent gum disease: Flossing and brushing should be done religiously to prevent bleeding, loosening and diseases of the gums. You must be very cautious and not let things go out of your hands.
  • Better dental cleaning: Clean the plaque and those negligible stones that deposit on your teeth. The dental tartar turns threatening and you need to remove them well in time.
  • Say no to tobacco: Abstain strictly from smoking and chewing tobacco. The smoke and tobacco kill your teeth slowly making them uglier and weaker by the day.
  • Avoid starchy and sugary foods and beverages: Potatoes, pastries, coffee, sweets, chocolates, tea and the likes stick to the teeth. When you do not brush your teeth properly they settle on the enamel and in between two teeth, soon turning into a cavity. Thus, prevent the cavity from spreading with reduced consumption of such food items.
  • Visit a dentist once in every 6 months: Dental health is equally important as your physical health. Thus, you need to visit a dentist twice a year to keep a tab on your dental condition. You must not wait for something serious to arise to visit a dentist.
  • Scaling and stain removal: Start your New Year with a beautiful smile and maintain it till the year ends. That is why you should get scaling done to remove those stubborn stains on the teeth. Once you remove the ugly patches you save yourself from all the social embarrassment and smile without a care. 
  • Teeth restoration: If your teeth are eroding, missing or have cracked then opt for dental implants. Get those brand new artificial teeth to get back your wide grin. 
  • Prohibit bad habits: Teeth grinding, sucking of thumb or constantly biting your lips should stop to maintain dental aesthetics. Also, wear braces regularly to treat misalignment or overcrowding of teeth and do not neglect it.

Keep the beautiful smile intact with these super easy resolutions. Before you gorge onto those lovely delicacies look on the internet as the best dental hospital near me and visit it for a thorough dental check-up. Why bear with the pain and sufferance during the New Year celebrations when you can maintain healthy teeth?


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