Major Differences Electronic Signature App and Digital Signature App


In a world where digitalization is taking over many things, there are many technical terms that are being confused. Two of these terms are E-signature and Digital signature. Although both of these signatures are done on Digital documents their application is totally different. There are various Digital signature and Electronic Signature app available online.

Before we get into these terms we should know the basic differences between a Digital Signature and an Electronic Signature app.

If you think that both of these apps can use interchangeable purposes then you are wrong. There are various significant differences between both of these signs.

Therefore, The major difference that you guys have to know about this signature is their application. Digital Signature is used to secure a document that is authorized by ant authority.

However, an Electronic Signature is associated with a business contract where you intend to sign.


The main features about both These Signatures

Digital Signatures

A unique feature is included in the digital signature which is different for everyone. There are many special signatures that can digitize like fingerprints.

In this process, the person should have some kind of certificate that he/she can attach with a document. To make a Digital Signature app the companies should get authorization from an authority looking over public data.

Although, The other main purpose behind a digital sign is to validate the authenticity of a document.

A digital signature helps to verify the original person’s identity on legal papers. Without a digital signature, an electronic skill person can temper with the digital document. 

Key Features

  • Provide the original source of the document
  • Prove its authenticity
  • Secure your digital document from getting temper
  • It will help the receiver to identify the personal identity of the sender and verify it.

Major Apps for Digital Signatures

  1. Adobe Signature
  2. Microsoft Signature

Electronic Signature

E-signature is one of a kind symbol or logo that helps people to recognize your company. It is the mark of authenticity from your business.

Therefore, the best e signature app uses the company details to make a perfect signature for your business.

The main feature that an E-signature has is to mark your business documents with a digital stamp.

However, there are various online e-signature apps that provide you the option to personalize your E-signature. This signature can be used in various agreements and contracts that relates to them. This Signature will also help multiple partners to legally blind in a contract.

Therefore, In E-signature, you can personalize the design according to your preference. You can use this signature to execute a legal agreement. But, if you are making deals with a partner and both of the partners agreed to complete certain terms.

Therefore these e-signature will ensure the fulfillment of those duties.

Key Features

  • Verification of the business documents
  • Not authorized by any authority but have business authenticity value
  • Comprises low security and maintenance.
  • Can also have a scanned signature feature in them
  • It is not verified by authorities
  • It has less authenticity than a digital signature

Major Electronic signature apps

  • Consign pro
  • DocUSign
  • DocSign
  • HelloSign
  • Adobe Sign
  • Right Signature

End Verdict

It is very clear how some normal people can mix both of these terms. Now, we hope that after reading this article you can easily differentiate between both of these terms.

However, basically from a Digital app, you can make a signature to verify your digital document. Although, this means that your signature first will be verified by some authority.

On the other hand, an E-signature app will help you make a customized signature for your business. This will help you to make legal business agreements with the stamp of your company.

You can easily customize your E-signature but not a digital signature. Therefore, You will not need any kind of authorization from a regulatory authority to design your E-signature.

Hopefully, this will help you to note the major differences that both of these signatures possessed.


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