Avoid Depression by Reshaping Your Daily Quarantine Routine

Depressed kid during epidemic quarantine

Quarantine is scary and if you are an extrovert then it can be detrimental for your mental health also. No one wants to be quarantined in a house but this is the only solution to the disease we all are fighting now.

To deal with any situation we have the choice to choose our reaction and then face the consequences. The same applies to Quarantine. It is on you to act positively or negatively during this situation. If you stay positive and indulge yourself in a healthy daily routine, then you will survive this quarantine without any issue. But in case, you stay negative, then the only thing that you will get is mental illness.

To facilitate you, here are some of the tips and daily routines that are also practiced by many top hospitals in Lahore to treat the COVID patients during the quarantine. By adding some important things in your simple routine you can easily manage to escape from the depression during the quarantine.  Let’s get into the detail of these things.

Get Enough Sleep:

The first thing that you have to care about during quarantine is to get enough sleep. Many doctors suggest that you must have to sleep at least 8 hours per day. Good sleep can give you the energy to start your day better. But in case you failed to get enough sleep at the time you will disturb your whole routine. Therefore avoid alcohol, caffeine, and mobile phones before sleeping to get the best sleep.

Do Exercise:

When you get a night of good sleep you will wake up fresh and excited. The best thing to start your day with is exercise. Therefore, start your day with a few push-ups and normal stretching. If you are a fitness lover person then enjoy your work out at home.

Try Journaling:

After the workout, continue your normal routine but also add one new stuff in it which is Journaling.  It is the best way to avoid depression by poring your thoughts on the piece of paper. If you are having a negative thought, write it on paper and find a solution to it. You can also write about your life or on spending your quarantine time.

Take Your Meds:

During quarantine don’t miss out taking medicine on time. Some people get lazy and don’t give attention to such important things and as a result, they become more ill. Therefore, don’t miss your medicine and if you forget things then it’s better to set a reminder on your handset.

Connect with Friends:

Talking with your best buddies is the best remedy for any disease. Therefore, connect with your pals and share your quarantine routine with them. Life is now easy, as we all have internet and mobile phones in our houses and we can connect with anyone at any time without any restriction.

Learn a Skill:

The last but not least thing you can add up in your routine is the habit of learning. Make sure to develop this habit and you will never get depressed and bored. People who don’t have any motive to learn new things are more mentally depressed than those who have one. Therefore, make your routine to learn new skills. Now there are plenty of courses online related to each and every field. You can also make your own YouTube channel to build your side hustle.

Add the above-mentioned things in your daily quarantine routine to become the better version of yourself. Start learning new skills and developing new habits now to avoid mental illness like depression, stress, and anxiety during the quarantine.


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