Who is eligible to travel to Canada During Coronavirus

travel to Canada

To limit the further spread of coronavirus, the Canadian government has placed restrictions on nonessential travels. Strict travel restrictions have been implemented in order to limit travel and the influx of foreign nationals entering Canada during this pandemic. This means even if you have a valid visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA), you still might not be able to enter the country. However, despite the importance of strictly controlling who can enter Cannada, some categories of people have been exempted from the travel ban. To know if you are eligible to travel at this period of crisis, Royal Migration, a renowned immigration company providing migration solutions provides answers to the question, who is eligible to travel to Canada? Read on!

You are eligible if:

You are a Canadian citizen: All citizen of Canada is exempted from travel ban but they must provide a mandatory health test result and a plan of quarantine for 14days upon arrival in Canada

You are permanent residents: Candidates who have applied for permanent residence in Canada and have been approved on or before March 18, 2020 but have not been able to travel to the country.

You have an Immediate family of Canadian citizens and permanent residents 

Before you are permitted to enter Canada, you must provide the following evidence.

  • You have an immediate family member who is a Canadian citizen or has a permanent residence (spouses, children, grandchildren. Parent, guardian)
  • You will be staying in Canada for not less the 15days
  • There must have an isolation plan . An evidence showing the details of where and how you intend to quarantine for 14days upon your arrival in Canada. If you did not have any isolation plan, your entry into Canada will be denied o you may be forced to isolate at government-designated areas for isolation of COVID19
  • You must put on a mask upon your entry till you reach your place of isolation.
  • A mandatory plan that shows how you will arrive at your destination.

You are a temporary foreign worker: Temporary workers  who are coming for essential purpose and have already made arrangements to come to Canada before the travel restrictions were in place

You provide essential service while in Canada for a purpose related to curbing the COVID 19: Candidates who provide essential services while in Canada are exempt from travel restriction. However, they must provide a health test result before and after entry. 

You are an international student: An international student who held a valid study permit or who had been approved for a study permit when Canada’s travel restrictions took effect on March 18, 2020. For travelers by air, they must pass the following

  • A health check conducted by the airline
  • Shows no symptoms of COVID19 before and after boarding.
  • Upon arrival, your health will be accessed before leaving the port of entry 
  • Provides an  isolation plan for 14days

You are among the aircrew members: Every crew members are exempted from travel restriction but are mandated to use a surgical mask and other equipment provided for their safety. They must also pass a health test conducted by the airline. 

You are a foreign national in which your purpose of entry will serve the national interest: Foreign national entering Canada to serve a national interest will be approved according to the opinion of the Minister of Immigration and citizenship, Minister of Foreign Finance, and Minister of Public Safety. 

People that are considered as “protected persons”: People who are considered protected persons like Refugees where their refugee protections have been approved or their application has been submitted waiting for approval. Or Refugee whose claim or applications are not deemed to be rejected. 

To know more about visa processing or if you are an eligible candidate, Royal Migration is there to answer all visa-related queries. You can also check the Royal migration Review to read about candidates who have successfully scale achieve their aim of traveling abroad through this consultancy. 


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