7 Sanitation Tips to Avoid Getting Infected During This Lockdown

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With COVID-19 being the centre point of all the topics you are coming across these days, we at Join Hub pharma decided to enlist ten such important sanitation tips that you must not avoid while conducting your daily activities. Being a mask manufacturer in India, it is our responsibility to keep our fellow Indians under a safe watch and the reason we planned to do so.

Before heading out directly to the content matter of this blog, let us take a moment to thank those front-liners that includes all the healthcare professionals and the unsung heroes who are keeping the fight against this deadly virus running. We also would like to inform all of you that we also are a leading face mask supplier in India. Also, if you are looking for sanitizer online, you can find us a click away. Hence, without any further ado, let’s start discussing the ten basic things you can do while carrying out your daily chores at home.

Washing Hands Frequently and Sanitising

The essential most hygiene practice is officially washing your hands with soap water vigorously and periodically. Warm water, if available is more than enough to eradicate any microorganisms residing on your hands. You should also wash them for at least twenty seconds, and let your hands dry with the help of a clean tissue paper. Avoid towels as they aren’t washed frequently and there lies a chance of residual microorganisms.

Sanitise Everything without Fail

Be it your dishes, laundry, or even smartphone everything needs to go through their fair share of sanitizing schedules. Ensure that everything is clean, use a drop of the best Hand sanitizer and germ-free everything you are using.

Discard Refrigerated Foods Every Week

 A lot of you might have stockpiled essentials and loaded your refrigerators more than its cooling capacity. Hence, it is essential to discard food items that are not safe to eat after a certain period. During a global pandemic, we understand that throwing away food will never be a good practice, but yes, you can always feed those to the stranded street dogs.

Every Home Appliances Needs to Be Cleaned

Be it your dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, nothing must go unnoticed when it comes to sanitizing. As a Hand sanitizer manufacturer, we would prescribe to sanitize the operating buttons of such appliances. Also, pay special attention even to the handles and places where your point of contact exists.

Rinse Whatever You Buy from the Market

It is good to buy veggies from your local markets during such a time of crisis. Doing so helps the poor day wagers selling their vegetables and fruits and thereby eases their life a little bit. At the same time, leave no place of error. Wash everything as soon as you get them home, rinse them to be more specific. Everything has to be properly cleaned before you proceed with your cooking.

Segregate Foods While You Shop

Don’t go to the supermarket with just a bag, rather take two or more. This will allow you to bring fresh vegetables in one, and the other stuff you buy from the wet market in another one. Segregating them always opens up the scope for you to properly wash and store them as soon as you bring them home.

Segregate While Preparing and Serving

Food needs to be also well cooked and safely served. Use an alcohol hand sanitizer before cooking or even serving food. Also, keep a close watch on people who follow the same practice while they are eating food.

  • Importance of Hand Sanitizer

An ideal hand hygiene routine is better than any cleanliness practice you are currently into. Hand sanitizer suppliers will only try to sell their products like wildfire but no one seems to be interested in shedding a little light on how it works. It helps in reducing the microbial counts and also kills germs which are the primary part of carrying flu and other viruses. Hence, only the best sanitizer in India will able to combat all such problems. Look for sanitizer online and do not forget to check out our products on Join hub Pharma.

  • Importance of Face Mask

As an N95 mask manufacturer, it is also our prime concern to inform you all about how essential wearing a mask is. So far now, we know that COVID-19 can be transmitted through air and community. Wearing an N95 mask allows you to breathe filtered air. Doing so avoids the risk of you getting infected while you are out on the market or places which might have traces of the infectious disease.

We hope you will follow the above said health tips and lead yourself, and your family to a healthier lifestyle. Also, it is recommended that you get hold of an ordinary mask from any Disposable Face Mask supplier and do your bit as advised by the government.


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