5 Interior Design Tips for New Apartment Renters

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Apartment living can be fun and exciting, but it’s also a great way to start home ownership. With a new apartment comes new responsibilities with owning your own space. You’ll want to ensure your place is comfortable, functional, and stylish. Here are some interior design tips for new apartment renters.

1. Use Light Fixtures 

One of the essential interior design tips for new apartment renters is to use light fixtures to create focal points in your home. A suitable light fixture can make an ordinary space feel like a luxury suite, while a poorly-placed one will leave you cramped and gloomy. Over-The-Rhine luxury apartments offer spaces with modern light fixtures that every renter is sure to love. The main goal of using lighting is to highlight the features of your apartment and create a mood that enhances the decor.

If you want your room to appear larger than it is, choose lighting fixtures with wide bases or multiple bulbs to appear further apart. You may also want to try using different lamps to achieve different effects. For example, floor lamps might look great if you want a more informal atmosphere in your living room.

2. Design Your Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a display that combines multiple pieces of artwork along one surface. This can be either on the wall or hanging above a mantelpiece. The purpose of a gallery wall is to create an interesting focal point in your room and make it feel complete.

The first step to creating a gallery wall is deciding what you want to include. If you have unique pieces of art and décor items (like vintage books) that would look great together but don’t mean anything when taken individually, this could be the perfect opportunity for them.

3. Choose Colors and Patterns Carefully

If you’re going to decorate your apartment interior design, you need to think about the colors and patterns of each room. Choosing these elements carefully will help your space look great and feel comfortable.

When choosing a color scheme for your home, start by considering the style of furniture and other decorations you have in mind. For example, if you want a modern look for all of your rooms, choose light neutrals instead of intense hues like red or blue. A classic style can work well with deep tones such as navy blue or burgundy while still feeling fresh and stylishly up-to-date.

4. Use Smart Storage

If you’re just starting and have no idea where to begin when it comes to decorating your first apartment, consider using large storage containers and shelves to organize all of your belongings. A simple storage container can go a long way in ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle and ensuring that nothing gets lost while you are living in the apartment.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Pinterest boards everywhere, it’s that bookcases aren’t just for books anymore. You can use them as display areas for anything from photo frames, artwork, and vases filled with flowers up to small sculptures, candles, or even plants. The possibilities are endless.

5. Space Out The Furniture

Your space is probably small when you’ve just moved into a new apartment. To make the most out of it, try to keep your furniture to a minimum in each room. A couch and chair can take up an entire corner of your living room if you do not plan out where to place them beforehand. Instead, try placing them opposite of each other and leave space between them for conversation or eating.

Include one or two pieces of larger furniture like a coffee table or dining table, but don’t overdo it. You want the space around these pieces to be open enough that people have room to walk around them comfortably when needed during family dinners or parties with friends.

If there’s not enough space for extra chairs around the coffee or dining table, consider using floor mats instead. They’re often a lot cheaper than chairs and are much easier on the eyes as well. Remember that whatever type of rugs or matting options you choose should complement each other nicely without looking thrown together. This will make your apartment look great and welcoming to you and any guests that you might have over.


For most people, as the years have progressed, moving into a new apartment is a really big deal for them. It’s exciting but the entire process can also be stressful and overwhelming. You have to make sure your whole life can fit into your space and that everything fits together in an attractive way. We hope this list of tips has helped you out when it comes to designing your first or even your third apartment. Let us know by commenting below if you have any questions.


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