Decorating Hack to use When Painting a Room or Two


Enliven Your Room

Painted walls provide an inevitable drama to a room; the room becomes livelier, or moodier, depending on what palettes and patterns you choose. To heighten this drama, you can choose to paint just one or two walls. To the mind of most homeowners, painting these accent walls consists of picking any random bright colour and slapping it over their walls in whatever spot feels comfortable. This isn’t the best course advised by the best painters and decorators in London.

To create a finely balanced design for your room, selection of a colour scheme and position for your accent walls is essential. Before picking any supplies from the store, you need to take the time to look at your existing room décor, and choose a style that will be cohesive with the feel of your room, so that no asset seem jarring or out of place.

Below, we provide some tips to give your room this balanced feel:

  • Take the Time to Pick Your Colours Carefully

    Selecting the right colour is the most important job you have to do when painting one or two walls as accents for your room. Bold and bright colours are the default first choice for most people, but strong shades even on only one or two walls might be too intense for a small room and make the space seem cramped. When picking a colour, it is advisable to look at the other walls and pick a shade that is from the same colour family, or a compliment. For your accent walls, you can pick a shade that is two to three shades darker than the colour on other walls, so that accents stand out without being uncomfortable to the eyes.If you desire a bold and bright hue, it is good advice to pick a colour already present in your room; the colour in your throw pillows or the patterns in your curtains, or the shade complementing your sofa or floor tiles. The advantage of an existing colour is that you get to create an accent that is exciting for your room, while also keeping the look of the room cohesive, so nothing is out of place.

  • Choose the Right Accent Features

    As important as the right colour, the right walls are also an important topic to consider when brainstorming styles for your room. Your accent walls by nature will draw the eyes of visitors to your room, so it is a double-win to pick a wall with an item or structure you want highlighted. These items could be a fireplace with a decorative mantelpiece or a shiny wooden bookcase you built with your hands or had custom-made for you. Your bed could also be the item you want to highlight. Painting just the walls surrounding your bed is an excellent way to anchor your bed in your bedroom’s space.

  • Divide the Room into Distinct Parts

    A benefit of painting no more than two walls in your room is that it automatically divides the space in the room. This is especially valuable in a multipurpose room, as each area gets its distinctive look and feel. A good example of this is if your dining and living room share an open floor plan, and you want to have them divided.A skilled London-based painter can help share the space into equal diagonal sections and have the walls in your dining area section painted a bold, intense primary shade while leaving the other walls surrounding your living room in a more neutral shade. This makes both areas appear different, without disrupting the balanced, cohesive feel in the room.

  • Experiment with a Pattern

    The best painters and decorators in London don’t stick to antiquated rules, but can help you experiment — try your existing shade with a complementing shade to create a bold pattern on your walls. Patterns draw attention to your walls, and can be stripes or polka dots; the former is easier to paint, and children prefer the latter.

You can buy wall stencils from your local DIY stores if you want more elaborate patterns; stencils come in varieties of really great designs (chevron, floral, paisley) and allow you to personalise your room to suit you and the rest of your room’s décor.


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