6 Steps Guide on How to Find a Great Locksmith

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘lock’? It’s always something solid; something reliable. It invokes a sense of mystery and suspense for what’s on the other side of it. Yet, no matter how curious you get, you can’t open it without the proper key. And if by any chance, you crack open a lock with some hammering and hitting, you lose respect for the lock. But most importantly, you lose respect for the locksmith.

Finding a great locksmith is as hard as finding a lost key. It takes time and consistency, but you can find one if you stick to your plan. A hint; there are many great locksmiths with great repute in the lock repair service in Norfolk VA.

Here is the ultimate six-step guide to on how to find a great one:

1. Portfolio

Whether it be a locksmith or a personal banker, or anyone you’re going to trust with the wealth of your life, ask for a portfolio. Only authentic and outstanding portfolios separate amateurs and small-timers from professionals. Look for their website, if they have one, read comments and reviews from their former and current customers, and try to gauge the satisfaction level. If possible, contact clients and ask about the quality of service and time management of the ground team.

2. Visit the Shop

I know everything can be done and done well from your computer. But there is no harm to get up and visit in person the company you want to hire to repair your locks; the same locks that have kept you and your belongings safe for a long time.

Meet the manager and see how the technical team works. Try to mingle with the technicians and look at how they get on with their work. Especially, look for the collective response when they face a problem or a hurdle.

3. Ask Difficult Questions

Whether you decide to visit the shop or not, make sure you ask all the questions you need to ask and then ask some more. Iron out every kink from both sides before formalizing all the things. Difficult questions are not about repairing locks or getting the keys done. They are about how they respond to your personal concerns. Try to ask them about their clients. It they brag and reveal details about the security layout and construction plan of their clients, beware of them. They can sell you out too, for another prospective client.

4. Modern Tools and Equipment

Modern problems require modern and smart solutions. In this day and age, there is a specialized tool for every single on the task that a handyman has to do.

That goes with your lock repair needs too. Before hiring a locksmith for repairs or replacements, make sure they have all the modern tools and equipment, as well as an able workforce to carry out the task. What can be done with a hammer, cannot be done with pliers. Remember that.

5. Paperwork

Every industry and sector in the country, from toys to tanks, is regulated through respective bodies that make sure the necessary criteria are met and compliance is in order. Federal and local governing bodies issue certificates and licenses to locksmiths to operate. After meeting strict criteria in terms of expertise, shop space, and technicians, they are awarded permission to operate in the market.

Before going for a locksmith for a rekey, lock repair, or locksmith services, ask for valid license and registration. It is of vital importance to have the regulated locksmith for repairs and replacements with identifiable staff and technicians. Never rely on verbal commitments and promises. Always ask for a binding contract that can help both parties if any discrepancy happens in the long run.

6. Follow up

Make sure there is ample room for communication between two parties after the job is done. Many cases need follow-ups due to unforeseeable circumstances. No one wants to look all over again another company for the same job. Many established companies provide excellent follow-ups and cherish their existing customers as valuable assets. There are certain perks and privileges for long-standing clients.


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