How to Clean an AC Filter Effectively?


Climate units do not require much maintenance; however, cleaning or substituting your air filter is important to reduce the probability of airborne molds and common allergens by using forced air systems. 

Due to changes in technology and related efficiency, washable air filters are more common than ever, although many air files are uncontrollable and cannot be cleaned. This may even be the perfect time to upgrade if you previously used uncommon filter systems.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Filter?

  • The quality of the air is cleaner: fewer allergens and less dust.
  • Improving unit efficiency, leading to lower energy costs: Dirty filters make it more difficult to operate the system. The more difficult it is, the more efficient it is. The less effective it is, the more expensive it is.
  • To extend your HVAC unit’s life: this is linked to efficiency. The more the system works, the more quickly or overheated it can get.

Types of Filters

Reusable/Washable/Permanent Filters, also known as Electrostatic Filters. These filters could be reused and cleaned for years and are considered permanent; some electrostatic filters are manufactured to last the life of the HVAC system with the correct attention. 

Reusable filters are cheaper upfront, but in the long term, they can save you money. They are less efficient than disposable filters when capturing small particles, so you or somebody in your household may not choose the best way to do so.

  • You must ensure the highest MERV filter rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) allows your system if you replace the uniform filter with a reusable filter.
  • Air friction is mostly used to produce electrostatic particle trapping clings. “Static cling,” you have experienced, and it’s no different.

Saving the packaging when you replace your filter is always a good idea since it’s the very first step to knowing if and how it can be cleaned to know exactly what kind of product you bought. 

If it needs cleaning or substitution, you should also make it a habit to mark your calendars so that you can remember them easily.

Once you know the type and lifespan of the filter you have, you can clean the filter. Most importantly, the filter you get with Marq AC models can be easily cleaned.

Disposable Filters

They are generally made of paper or cardboard and cannot be cleaned, thrown away, and replaced. You can buy these in bulk to replace them several times a year, but it may be time you invest in washable filters if you are running low on substitutes and are considering alternatives.

How to Clean Your Air Filter

Step 1: Turn Off the AC Unit

If you keep the unit off, you won’t allow dirty air to circulate in your house while the filter is cleaned.

Step 2: Reattach the Filter

Some units may have several filters, so be sure that all vents are checked.

Step 3: Vacuum the Filter

The primary thing you can do is use a hand vacuum to lift allergens to reduce the amount of dusty growth.

To clean any dust along with the frame, use the microfiber cloth. The next step is clean and easy by getting this top layer of sediment and anything loose.

Step 4: Wash the Filter

Rinse the filter gently and thoroughly in a deep sink or outside with your pants and let it dry. 

When it is necessary to clean the filter thoroughly, take it out in a flat bin with 1 part of white vinegar and 1 part of warm water an hour.

Never use a pressurized cleaner on an air filter; it is just too sensitive to use any high-pressure pants.

Step 5: Reinstall the Filter

In case of damage – holes, dirt that is not thoroughly cleaned, or rips in the material, check the dry filter. You can put it back in the unit if it is in good condition.

See any expiry dates for the product or its original packaging to indicate when it needs to be completely replaced.

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Other “Filters” on Your AC Unit That You Can Clean

For greater efficiency, the purposes of the AC window can be vacuumed or wiped with a microfiber cloth. Make sure you don’t tie or squish your fins. The purpose is to “condition” the air of the A/C unit.

  • Smooth brush or vacuum in the same direction as fins.
  • Unplug the unit.
  • If necessary, use a butter knife to smoother the curved fins.

You can also clean the outside of a central external AC unit.

  • Use a shaft to wash out the smaller waste.
  • Hand removes large waste (leaves, grass clippings, or anything else that has been collected by the unit).

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