Why Custom Canvas Printing For Your Walls Should Be On Your List For 2020

Custom Canvas Printing

Evolution has brought us a long way, from the original cave wall scrapings thousands of years ago to modern times where technology allows us to use digital cameras and preserve and display art digitally. Photo printing methods have come a long way since the first-ever pinhole camera to all the latest DSLRs.

Canvas digital prints are quite an eye-catching way of displaying your favorite photos whether they are from a family vacation or from a concert or from those good old school days. They not only liven up any dull space but also provide a fine artistic touch to a blank wall or an empty room.

For starters, it is essential to understand what canvas printing really is. Not to be confused with a canvas painting, it is a picture printed from an inkjet printer onto a canvas. Once it has been printed, the canvas gets stretched onto a frame. You can put up this frame on any wall around any room in your house and can spice up the place with an artistic wall design.

Canvas printing is not just restricted to having your photographs on it. Custom canvas prints with a word, quotes, and texts are very popular lately. Online canvas printing allows you to design it as per your taste, simply at the click of a button, making your work much easier. Here are some of the top reasons why you should pick canvas printing as your number one option.

1. Budget-Friendliness

Canvas printing ranks high in terms of affordability. Paper prints are very expensive to print, display and even protect. They require a frame to protect them, a glass case based on the size of the digital print. Canvas printing is extremely cost-effective as compared to other forms of printing. Even though the price depends on the size you require, it doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket like other printing forms do when you require a large size of something to be printed.

2. Various Size & Customizing Options

Be it, one super-sized print or a large spread of several small prints, canvas printing gives you the freedom of choosing from over 30 different size ranges for printing. A very notable feature of canvas printing is that it can maintain detail and resolution of the image even when you increase the size of the picture on the canvas. You have the ability to pick the image, text and size and style the outcome completely at your own discretion. You can print something which is as small as a 5”x7” mini canvas to a huge 30”x60” panoramic canvas print. The choice is yours; the availability is plenty.

3. Highly Durable

Canvas being quite a sturdy material, vouches to be extremely long-lasting as compared to others. It is the reason why ancient paintings that are displayed in museums and galleries have been in existence for centuries while still remaining intact. Meanwhile, photographs start to fade off in less than a year. The owner can relish his old memories without worrying about the fading quality for years if it is on a canvas. By simply adding a frame around it, you can ensure the durability of your canvas frame.

4. Professional Appearance with No Glare

Photos that are framed behind glass or printed on glossy paper look great generally but if they are placed in a space which has the wrong kind of lighting or too much natural or artificial lighting, the shiny finish of the print causes glare and reflections and doesn’t permit the viewer to see the image very clearly, without any disturbance. Canvas prints are tactfully designed with a satin-matte finish, that makes them the perfect medium to display photos in brightly lit rooms without any glare or distractive lighting bouncing off of them. Every line and color comes out radiantly in canvas printing, making the picture less camera-like and more like a piece of fine artwork that looks very professional in nature.

5. 3-D Appearance

Canvas prints have three-dimensional qualities because of the thickness of the canvas board. It makes the picture protrude out of the dimensions of the wall and never fails to catch the viewer’s eyes. It always manages to stand out from any other piece of artwork, while in contrast, traditional photographs usually lie flat against the wall, without any gravitas. The extra pop that the canvas provides sets it apart from the rest.

Thus, with the revolution in digital photo canvas printing is all the rage right now. It is the best kind of investment to make when it comes to decorating and livening up your rooms and walls. The easy availability of technology to be able to produce large format canvas using digital pictures has effectively brought pictures and text out of our albums or cell phones to live as artwork, right in front of us.


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