How to Customize Your WordPress Theme (5 Step-by-Step Ways)?

Website Customization
Website Customization

Reliant on the WordPress template you are making use for your WordPress website there are several sets of variations you can make to your website from within your admin console. This article will help you understand what WordPress theme customization is and how to do it yourself with just a few clicks.

Accessing the customization page

In order to begin customizing your WordPress website, you need to go to the appearance tab and then click the themes page. On the themes page, you need to click on the theme or WordPress template that you wish to modify. You can adapt your WordPress template in real-time on the page that opens after clicking on the customize button. On the left, you will find a list of the accessible choices and on the right a preview of your website and effect of the changes being made to the website.  Attempting customization of your website by this method lets you edit and revamp some of the trivial parts of your website starting from changing the name of the website, adding a favicon, adding a logo and some more functionalities. If you wish to customize more, you would need to choose other methods of WordPress customization, which can completely modify your websites look and feel.

Editing the WordPress theme

The theme editor in word press lets you access all the files that your theme contains. You can directly edit the theme files. However, if you are not sure about writing CSS or PHP then editing your files of the theme may perhaps be a bad idea. If you wish to try out things then it would be better to check the edits first in free HTML editors. If you find the results correct, apply the same on the live website or else spend some more time digging out things. This process can give you devastating results if not properly done. So be careful while attempting to edit your live website.

Page builders

Page builders are yet another way of editing the entire website as well as webpages. Most of the WordPress templates nowadays come with in-built customizers to customize the webpages as per the requirements of the users. However, certain themes take the game of customization to next levels by integrating page builders with the themes. These frameworks of page builder help the WordPress owners to extend and significantly customize the websites. One more possibility is to use a plugin that lets you customize your website by the usage of a user-friendly interface: those are called page builders.

Page Builder plugins are intended to make it laid-back for you to set the design of your website, by means of an interface that allows you to realize what you are receiving. Page builders allow you to edit your blog posts and web pages with a drag-and-drop patter, meaning you can see how your website content will appear and can make every single page look exclusive.

Framework Customization

An alternate to page builders are WordPress theme customization frameworks. These are sets of themes intended to function together. There is a single parent WordPress theme, which is the framework, and a selection of child WordPress themes that you can make use to modify the primary theme and give it a look in the way you want. There are a number of such frameworks in action all over the world, which makes use of drag, and drop approach that is similar to that of page builders. Most individuals employ professional HTML to WordPress conversion service providers to take care of framework customization.

Third-Party Theme

If the WordPress theme you have activated on your site is from a third party and you wish to revise the code, you will need to make a child WordPress theme. This is for the reason that if you revise the main theme straight and then you bring up-to-date it (which you should), you will lose all the modifications you made.

WordPress will at all times make use of a file from the child WordPress theme to yield content unless there is a folder upper in the chain of command in the parent theme. If there are two forms of the same folder, it will make use of the one from the child WordPress theme. This means that your new file in the child WordPress theme will predominate the one from the parent theme.

There are a number of ways to attempt customization on your website; it is, however, wise to make use of the one that you specialize in. If you want things to proceed smoothly, it would be better to get in touch with an HTML to WordPress conversion service  provider.


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