Top 10 Franchises in UK you should Consider in 2021


When we hear the word franchising, what first comes to mind are the UK’s biggest brands shaking the industry. Franchising, however, is one of the fast-growing, ever-evolving industries with new -players on the field. BFA reports have shown that there are more than 50, 000 franchised businesses in the UK with 710,000 jobs contributing to the country’s economy. Franchising isn’t stopping any time soon but rather will continue to grow by leaps and bounds come 2021.

Ready to take the plunge and be your own boss? The benefits of working with an established reputable brand, training, and support needed to get started, with a high chance of success, franchising is sure creating opportunities for entrepreneurs. What makes it more appealing is that you wouldn’t have to bother about the risk involved in starting afresh. However, if you are considering franchising this coming year, ask yourself: which business are you passionate about? Which one matches my experience and skill set? What’s my budget? How committed can I be to the business? Read on to discover your fit and this is what will make the top UK Franchises You Should Consider in 2021.

Franchise Industries to be considered:

1. Hotel Franchise opportunities in UK

If the hospitality business is something you are attracted to, join one of the UK’s 180,000 hospitality businesses. Considering the cost of setting up a hotel, opting for franchising can be the way out. Working with recognized brands will ensure growth as consumers are on the lookout for companies that are known. EasyHotel, Safestay Franchise, Travelodge, Hilton are a few of the major franchises examples to try out. With their decades of experience in the field and the technical know-how, you are guaranteed great backing.

2. Coffee Franchise opportunities in UK

With more than 95 million cups of coffee consumed in a day, the coffee franchise can be said to be a high profiting business. The days of only tea for the Britons are long gone, and coffee is the new deal for both the young and old. These outlets don’t only serve high-quality coffee, but also create a unique taste and experience for the customers. The coffee business has experienced some diversification from traditional coffee selling to vending to van-based mobile selling. A good example is coffee blue. This brand has outlets that serve coffee from the van in offices and workplaces. Coffee is a staple drink for millions of people at workplaces in the UK, thus, making it a quite rewarding business. From having a chic independent cafe to selling from a mobile van, there are more franchise opportunities you can avail of.

3. Management Franchise opportunities in UK

Tired of working for someone and ready to apply the managerial skills acquired for yourself? Managerial franchise opportunities 2021 is something you should consider. The managerial franchise is diverse. It cut across any industry where your business insights, skills, and experiences are required for success. Buying a franchise is a great way to reduce the risk associated with a traditional business setup. Plus, it is set to be quite enjoyable and lucrative for a passionate entrepreneur. Categories of managerial franchising include healthcare, coaching, finance, IT, communication, business, accountancy (any other industry you could think of). Explore and discover your ideal franchise and help other businesses grow.

4. Sports Franchise UK

With obesity issues in the UK, the country requires more business that will help people regain their health and stay healthy. Sport is also considered to be one of the most favorite Britons game and franchising in this area proves to be rewarding. Not only is the market size is huge, but it is also a high-earning venture to consider. Both adult and children’s fitness is offering various types of activities such as yoga, dancing, football, cricket, swimming and so much more. For instance, Just Camps, Elite Feet, Baby Swimmers (to name a few) are brands that provide niche opportunities. Therefore, discover an area in which you can offer your expertise and this can be coaching, products, supplying sports facilities, or any other type of service. Starting with a recognized brand will give you the right footing in the industry.

5. Photography Franchise opportunities in UK

Is photography your hobby? Franchising in this industry is your best bet. Photography has become important in our lives and everyone loves taking those special moments for lifelong memories. Photography enthusiasts can dive into various opportunities such as Wedding photography, baby photography, corporate photography, 3D printing, and portrait photography.

The thing is no matter how good you are, starting your photography and building your brand over time can be challenging. There are major players in the industry such as Venture Studios, Total Guide to Franchise, and a host of others who are willing to give you the right support and training. If you are creative, have a good eye, here is a good time to take your hobby to the business level.

6. Education Franchise opportunities in UK

Franchising is also playing a huge role in the educational sector. If you plan to start your business in nurturing and teaching others, you might as well look into this. One of the major UK parent concerns is given the best education to their children. This growing need thus gives rise to more private sectors in the field. There are niche companies such as ComputerXplorers, offering tech classes to children. Some are also offering opportunities in language learning and any other areas that might spark your interest. What does this mean? These well-known companies are ready to offer you opportunities to kickstart your career in this ever-growing sector.

7. Health Franchise opportunities in UK

Consumers are becoming more concerned about their health and how they can live healthily, franchising in this sector can be highly rewarding. Being an island might not always be applicable in every area of life and this applies to health. Venturing in health alone can be challenging. However, partnering with reputable organizations gives you access to cutting-edge technology, training, and lots of other benefits. It covers a wide range of industries such as health care franchise, fitness franchise, health and gym franchise, cosmetics franchise, personal trainer franchise, beauty franchise, health franchise, or spa franchise. Which area do you belong to? Here are UK opportunities for you to explore.

8. Internet Franchise opportunities in UK

An industry that provides diverse benefits including work from home options. The Internet has become part of our daily lives. With 87percent of UK retail purchases made online, the internet has a great impact on the business world. However, internet franchising is not only limited to this. This franchising offers diverse opportunities. For instance, OlaPromo!provides online advertisement franchising, which allows you to sell anything online. BlueFire is also a web development and design company offering internet franchising. What’s in store for you? You get the right support and training from established brands while still enjoying the benefit of being your boss. All that it takes might be a computer, area of interest and with strong support, you are set for success.

9. Home-Based Franchise opportunities in UK

People are digging the traditional office into a home-based business. This is one of the most profitable franchise opportunities that seems attractive to many. Investment in owning an office is huge, freedom of working at your convenience and pace, and the fact that you are working from your home, it’s no wonder that many are set to opt for this option. There are diverse sectors that will match your interest, skill set, and experiences. Franchising companies in this area include Aspray, Action Coach, ClearTrace, Brokerplan, and lots more. Enjoy this golden opportunity of working for yourself right at the comfort of your home and with constant support from an established brand.

10. Plumbing Franchise opportunities in UK

Flexible work environment, high profits, low-cost opportunity, time to apply your skills and experience, plumbing franchising is both promising and rewarding. Life isn’t complete without plumbers and the need for them will always arise. In terms of maintenance, repairs, renovation, there are individual house owners and businesses that will always need you. One good thing is you don’t have to have decades of experience in the field. There are well-respected plumbing franchise companies that are offering fully certified training. There are also small franchises for sale in the UK that will be more than willing to offer their helping hands. Blazes, Metro Plumb Franchise, Drain Doctor Franchise are among a few of the franchising companies looking for people who are ready to explore this career. Join the winning team and see your business winning.


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