Feeling Some Summer Nostalgia? How to Have Fun While Vacationing at Home

woman relaxing at home during her vacation

Due to the current situation in the world, people can’t travel abroad. Being stuck at home may be the worst summer ever or the best adventure you’ve been on, depending on how you perceive it. You may miss your favorite vacation destination, but whining can only ruin your mood. You can have fun at home.

If you’re out of the ideas on how to spend your vacation at home, check out these awesome tips. Whether you like to relax and restart your body and mind or you are more of an active vacation type of person, you’ll find a little bit of everything for everyone.  

1. Explore nature or nature reserves

Even though exploring exotic destinations isn’t an option, you can still have fun by exploring your nearest hiking path or nature reserve. Lace-up your hiking boots, pack your lunch, and organize a mini excursion for your family or friends. You don’t have to be physically fit to take a walk and explore the magnificent world outdoors.

Bring your camera and document this field trip. You’ll have wonderful memories of the day you went exploring nature, soaking up the sun and spotting various wild animals in their natural habitats. It’s an amazing way to stay active while vacationing at home.

2. Set up your own film theatre or festival 

Film festivals are an essential part of any summer. Due to the global pandemic, every one of them is canceled. If you crave an interesting film adventure, why don’t you organize a film fest in your backyard or at your house?

To host a cozy film night at your house, all you need is a white screen or a white sheet and a projector. Place cozy seats and pillows around the place, and play your favorite films. It can be a fun family activity or a wonderful night with friends and neighbors. Don’t forget to bring out some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the film theatre experience in the comfort of your home. 

3. Cook something different during your summer vacation

For many people, trying out the different food and dishes is the purpose of traveling. Every culture has authentic dish tourists love to try. However, this year, you will have to find another way to satisfy your taste buds and fill your stomach with something new.

Instead of making noodles for dinner yet again, have some fun by cooking recipes from around the world. Do you want to taste the finest Asian spices? Try making some of their dishes. Never been to Africa? Your taste buds will take you there. Explore the entire world through their kitchen and food while staying safely at home. 

4. Disconnect

The majority of people use vacation to completely rest from daily stress and activities. Laidback vacations with a lot of naps and relaxations are like a dream come true to them. Whether you like relaxing or an active vacation, you need to get a good night’s sleep and rest from the stress.

There is no better way to refresh your mind and body than by disconnecting from the internet and waking up naturally. You’ll have to agree that it isn’t possible when the sun wakes you up every day at 6 in the morning. To have the quality rest and sleep, consider installing blockout roller blinds for maximum darkness. They are an amazing upgrade, considering that blinds are stylish and can be made specifically for your needs. You’ll have your own bedroom sanctuary where you can forget about the bad things happening in the world for a while.

5. Organize a spa day

Since you can’t go to a spa, relax in the hot tub, and rewind, you can organize your stay at a home spa day. Dedicate that day to yourself and do something you love and enjoy. Self-care is crucial especially after long periods of stressful work.

Fill your bathtub with hot water and bath salts. Apply homemade facemask and refresh your skin. Try to rest from everything and everyone that’s been stressing you out. Read a favorite book and play some music. That is an ideal way of relaxing at home.


As you can see, you don’t have to travel far away to have fun. You can organize amusing and relaxing activities in the comfort of your home. Whether you like to be alone or hang out with friends and family, these activities will bring your joy and peace. Vacationing at home is the perfect opportunity to spend time doing things you love but don’t have much time for otherwise. So, use vacation time wisely and rest properly. 


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