Essential Elements to add in the Wedding Invitations

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Afore buying all the expensive and exclusive writing materials of the wedding invite, you should determine a few things. You should know how many people you want to invite the venue of the wedding, the budgeting, and everything else. After considering all this, you should determine what details you need to add on the invitations

wedding invite

Since you might have loads of ideas regarding what you need to add on the invitations, you need to remember that you should add the necessary elements to the card along with some fun things. However, if you aren’t sure what those essential elements then read on because we have compiled all them in this article.

Essential Details For Adding To Your Invites:

  • Response cards
  • Invitations cards
  • Save the dates
  • Wedding program
  • Menu cards

Let’s discuss these elements in brief details:

Response Cards or RSVP Cards:

RSVP Cards

The wedding responses or RSVP are essential because these will tell you who will come to the wedding and who will not be joining your occasion. These cards are posted along with the main wedding invitations. It contains the contact details with which your invitees send their answers back to you. Traditionally, these RSVPs were asking the people to tick the boxes on a card containing answer options. The RSVPs must contain the date of return; otherwise, they won’t be able to make preparations if you don’t know who is coming and who isn’t. Nowadays, as a lot of people prefer different diets, the cards are also sent with wedding menus. Again the guest’s ticks which food items they can and can’t eat because of dietary reasons. Once you receive all RSVPs back, you and your spouse can finalize your wedding menu.

Invitation Cards:

Invitation Cards:

A wedding invite is the central part of the wedding prep. These cards can provide your invitees with essential information like the full name of you and your spouse, location, wedding date, and contact info of people managing the wedding. Invitations also contain all the other cards like the RSVP cards, wedding menus, and your reception invite (if your after-party is in a different place than that of the wedding). Traditionally the wedding cards used to be made of 100% cloth and engraved with hand. But, as time changed, wedding cards have become more personalized and fun. Now, we have cards made of wood, paper, and cloth, plastic, steel, and even glass. You can get your invites made on any material and in any way you and your partner like.

You must post your cards two months before the occasion to ensure that all the invitees (including the abroad ones) mail you back RSVPs on time. Instead of sending the whole invitation, you can also post the STDCs or the engagement invitation only.

Save The Date Cards:

These studies are similar to the response card. Save the dates are for asking the guests to confirm whether or not they can attend.

Wedding Program Booklet/Card:

Main invitations are never enough to provide every information because they have only a few extraordinary things written on it. This is where wedding programs come in. These cards contain all the other information (like directions, medical help, popular restaurants near the hotel, etc.), which is not added to the main invitation card. It can be in the form of a car or a small booklet (especially if you are having a destination wedding). It contains the whole schedule of the wedding from hotel bookings to the last song of the wedding. This is the element of the invite which you can design with as many fun elements as you want.

Menu Cards:

This card includes the food which you will serve at your wedding. They are especially crucial because loads of guests will have nutritive issues, and posting them menu helps you determine what you can serve at the ceremony (the guests check the box with food items that they are okay with). Making menus fun, below each dish, add the specifics of why you have chosen that dish. Menu cards can include details of the main course, dessert, and drinks.

These are the few elements you should add to the wedding invitations to make your whole wedding experience more enjoyable.


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