Things to remember while calling an Electrician

Tips on how to find a reliable electrician

Hiring an electrician?

 If you are pondering over hiring London based experienced emergency electrician then you have come to the right place. Whether you want them to change some flickering lights or to remodel the entire home, you have to know some of the most important things about them. As the electrician will work on your electrical system, you have to know everything about their profession and how far they are licensed to do the job. You will also get to know about their price tags and why they cost you that much.

Did you know that you can have a way in which you can keep your project cost down? This post will talk about those hacks as well. Also there are many vital questions you need to ask the electrician before hiring, so please stay till the end of the article as it will help you in deciding which expert is worth hiring.

What are the most common electrical projects?

 Electrical repairs are for regular time frame. You must have involved in it at some point of time. It happens frequently and can extend from small to bigger ones. Since you have no knowledge on safety electrical conduct, you can not solely handle the electrical system. You definitely need an expert hand.

The electricians work for large remodelling and some bigger construction projects. Some of the common residential projects are:

  • Installing a light fixture
  • Installing a chandelier
  • Adding an outlet
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Updating the circuit breaker
  • Installing an electric panel
  • Adding outdoor lighting
  • Adding some other electrical features

Going through the process of hiring an electrician

 Since this is not a homework to do but it is always a better decision to ransack the person who will be handling all your electrical system of your home. Calling a reputable company like Electric Works London will always win your heart as they are dedicated to making their customers satisfied with their high quality level of work. The only way you can search about them is to read and research on your own. The more sincere reading you do, it would be safer for you to hire a professional hand.

Here are some of the tips that will help you in seeking the answer while you go on for hunting:

How much cost do they offer?

Check if they are offering cost per hour for electrical work. If they do, ask them about their charges. You can also ask for some additional charges if they put and on what basis. Have a thorough discussion on their pattern of working once they enter your home.

Follow up their reviews

 In today’s world, online reviews are very important. Only these reviews will explain you about the reputation of the company and their past accomplishments. A bad reviews can change the way you look at the electrician. Don’t just stuck with one quote. Reviews can help narrow down your search effort and you can have a better idea about the electrician.

Are they licensed?

Checking their license is again very important if you want to hire someone who will be safer enough to touch the electrical boards. As for the license and insurance. If anything goes wrong in their first visit, you can claim the cost and they will reparir without charging you extra.

The cost of an electrician

 An emergency electrician  will cost you $50-$100 per hour. Now, this charge is of course not stable. It will depend based on the location and also the type of professional you hire.

Here’s 5 quick tips on hiring an electrician

 Every homeowner needs to call an electrician at some point of time hence they should be knowing how to choose for a reliable team. The charges can go really high based on the ever increasing demand of the electrical work. You can save some of the prices based on these tips.

  • If you know about the quality of work of an electrician, you can go blindly with an hourly rate. It may vary from $50-$100. It would be a wiser decision than to go with an inexperienced person who has no knowledge on what he does.

  • Always ask for the travel cost. The rates can highly fluctuate based on the cost of the time navigating traffic.

  • Keep a note of all the electrical repair thing and call a professional to fix on that particular day. Review your list and then go on for a mini inspection.


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