Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom Balance and Well-being

Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom Balance and Well-being

When traveling somewhere other than home, a lot of people undoubtedly miss their bedroom the most. It’s where you wind yourself after a demanding day. Every day, you prepare yourself for the next day by getting some rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It’s a secure place where you can be who you are. On the other hand, sometimes people do not feel safe and energetic in their bedroom. This may happen due to the presence of negative energy at your place. So to get out of this kind of situation, you can take the help of the Vastu shastra for the bedroom. This blog will shed light on the specific tips that will assist in radiating positivity in your bedroom. Let’s get started. 

How Does Vastu Help to Attract Positive Energy to Your Living Place? 

The living place can be made better with Vastu recommendations by following important Vastu Shastra guidelines and remedies for your bedroom. Sometimes, people make the mistake of upsetting a room’s energy balance in the name of beauty. It is frequently observed that people inadvertently cause similar damage to their bedrooms

Additionally, Vastu Shastra does not stop you from decorating your home, it recommends the right adjustments, placing every home accessory in the right direction and right way in the exciting bedroom. These kinds of modifications in your home can aid in attracting positive energies, prosperity, abundance etcetera. 

Top-notch Tips: Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

Pay attention to the  important tips for the Vastu shastra that you should consider: 

The Right Direction for the Bedroom

  • How to choose: Vastu Shastra recommends that bedrooms should be constructed in the southwest because this direction is linked to prosperity and good health for the house owners. Along with this, bedrooms for children can be built in the east or northwest direction of your house because it helps to sharpen their minds.
  • Avoid the Southeast and Northeast directions: Avoid making the bedroom in the ‘Brahmasthan,’ or the center of the house. This is the location where energy constantly flows. You would not want it for a place where you are supposed to be sleeping.

The Ideal Bed Placement

The head of your bed needs to face either the east or south direction. When you lie down, it is preferable to have your legs pointing toward the north or east when your bed is positioned against the wall in the south or west and keep your legs from pointing south while you sleep. Additionally, Vastu opposes placing a bed in a corner because it impedes the free passage of energy. It needs to be positioned near the wall’s center. It is ideal to have access to the left and right sides of the bed for exiting. 

The position of your mirror

A dressing table is typically found in a bedroom. Mirrors can enhance energy, which causes anxiety and restlessness, as Vastu emphasizes. Therefore, make sure to arrange it in the right place so that it does not mirror the bed. Cover the mirror when not in use if that arrangement is not feasible. 

The Ideal Shape of the Bed

According to the Vastu Shastra for bedrooms, people should prefer a square or rectangular-shaped wooden bed as compared to other shapes. Vastu Shastra always recommends avoiding Wrought iron beds because these can disrupt your body’s magnetic field cause major health problems, and are extremely dangerous from per safety perspective. Additionally, do not try to put two single mattresses into a double bed, it may also affect your energy. 

Colour of the bedroom

when it comes to painting bedroom walls, it’s better to avoid using too many distracting colors (dark and bright colors) and patterns on bedroom walls. Vastu experts always recommend pastel or light hues that are calming to the senses and help you to feel relaxed. Newly married couples can paint their room in light shades of red. However, take care when using it excessively as it symbolizes fire and may lead to temperamental problems. 

Some additional Vastu Tips: Fill your house with love and abundance

  • Nowadays, people use false ceilings in their homes to decorate their rooms. Although these types of ceiling designs enhance the overall look of your home, you have to be careful that its design does not have pointed hangings. Also, avoid skylight ceilings because they can cause bad sleep.
  • In modern houses, most rooms have attached bathrooms. According to the vastu shastra, always try to close the door of your bathroom when it is not in use. The open door of the bathroom not only leads to a bad smell but also negativities. 
  • People always love to decorate their home walls by hanging a variety of pictures, paintings, or artifacts of lonely animals or birds. It is advised especially for couples that if you want to hang any birds or animals pictures on your walls, have them in pairs. Along with it, always try to hang pictures that represent love and togetherness.  
  • If in case, you are unable to make any required changes in your room due to the lack of space and other inconveniences, don’t be sad. Take a bowl of camphor crystals or sea salt and place it in your room. This bowl will absorb all the negative energy from your room and help you to feel better. 
  • Last but a magical remedy, always make your living space clean and tidy. Scattered and dirty places are the favorite places of negative energy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom Balance and Well-being, keep in mind that designing a harmonious home requires taking into account both energetic and physical components. You can create a haven of harmony, peace, and good vibes in your bedroom by adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra. The practice of Vastu Shastra gives you the ability to design a space that nourishes your well-being and creates a profound sense of harmony, regardless of how you arrange furniture or choose colors. Hope the above information will help you to attract positivity and prosperity to your place. 


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