Australian Permanent Resident Visa Expiry

Australia has been a dream destination for many people from around the world. The sparsely populated country presents a plethora of opportunities to students and professionals alike. There are various industries, IT sectors, and companies that are on the lookout for skilled technical experts. Also, the fact that Australia has some flexible immigration laws, a wonderful and wide landscape and some of the most luxurious accommodations makes the choice even easier for a candidate. Here is all you need to know about the immigration lawyer Perth to help you sort out your visa issues.

Need for immigration lawyers

Immigration lawyers help you sort out your visa-related issues. A visa is usually required when a non-native wants to gain access to a country. You need to check the Australian laws regarding immigration to see if your country is applicable for a visa or not.

Oftentimes, travelers are not aware of the intricate concepts about immigration and end up being deported. In these cases, you can hire the best immigration lawyer near me to get out of the problem

What is a permanent resident visa?

A permanent resident visa is granted to residents who are not natives of the country but can stay on indefinitely as long as they want. The visitor who has stayed for about 5 years on the visa is eligible to apply for the resident permit. However, once the travel facility expires, your visa can be revoked at the discretion of the Minister or official responsible for it. This usually happens if the person in question is charged for criminal misconduct or any illegal activities.

People with permanent resident visas can enjoy the same privileges as other citizens. This means that you can apply for subsidized healthcare and legal services under this facility as well. However, you won’t have the right to cast a vote in the state level or federal elections. Also, note that residents with permanent visa cannot avail an Australian passport

When does the permanent resident visa gets expired?

Most permanent visa holders are eligible for citizenship after a waiting period. After the waiting, the applicant has to clear a citizenship test, to get the citizenship rights in 3-12 months’ time.

Your resident’s visa can be revoked or deemed invalid if you are convicted for a crime or caught in any illegal activity. In such a case you usually need to hire an immigration lawyer to defend your case and get you out of the situation.

Another reason why your visa can get canceled is if you fail to pass the medical test. Usually, the applicants have to clear a medical test where they are tested for allergies and diseases. Deportation and incomplete or improper paperwork is also a valid reason why someone can have their permanent visas taken away.

How does an immigration lawyer help?

With Migration lawyers Perth to back you up and offer support, the applicant has a degree of reassurance and hope. It can get very difficult to face such a situation in a country that is not your native. And the fact that there might be cases where the resident is framed unjustly only makes matters worse. Don’t worry though, with proper legal support, you have a better chance of investigating the situation and finding an appropriate way out of it. Here are some ways in which immigration lawyers can help:

  • To help understand the overlapping rules and complexities of criminal and immigration laws

  • To check why your previous application for citizenship was denied and apply again the proper way

  • To help the applicant understand why they couldn’t clear the medical requirements laid down by the immigration authorities.

  • To help job seekers get a worker’s permit and ensure that their employers are offering complete support in the process

  • To check if the professional opportunities are fulfilling their obligations towards the immigrant employee

  • To look for reasons why a resident was previously deported and figure out ways to apply again

  • To hasten up the application process for clients who are waiting for their turn for a long time now.

  • To help applicants with the next step after applying for citizenship. This also reduces the pressure on the applicant as they are now guided in the right way by someone who is aware of the rules and legal framework of the country

Finding the best lawyers in Perth

There are so many lawyers practicing in and around the country that you can reach out to in case of such an issue. You can look up the best lawyers and law firms in Australia online. Visit the people on the list and check out their offices or websites if you find a lead. You can even reach out to them via email or drop in for a visit in case you want to discuss the details in person. Also, ensure that you have read through the client reviews and ratings of the law firms to get a better idea about the quality of services they offer.

The best lawyers in Perth are always registered and have substantial proof to show their practice, experience, and previous client records. You can even ask for paperwork and get it checked by your agent to be assured of their credibility. Also, ensure that you have someone reliable like your advisor or agent with you when making crucial decisions.

The bottom lines

Australia has some of the strongest legal support frameworks that will surely get you out of the fix in a jiffy. All you need to do is reach out to the right platform and then leave the rest of the job for them. The best immigration lawyer has the skill and expertise to understand your case and analyze it in a way that puts things to your advantage. Some firms also offer free consultation services before coming up with a concrete plan of action. Getting the best legal support for your immigration issues is not a tough task in Australia, provided you know where to look.


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