Best Places for Accessible Traveling Around Canada

Best Places for Accessible Traveling Around Canada

Who doesn’t fancy travelling? Everyone does. A child with a dream to visit Disneyland, a grandmother waiting to visit her ancestral homeland or a couple planning for a honeymoon.

Each desire is strong and makes everyone head-fast right?

A lot of people say travelling is all about experiencing new adventures. How someone plans for so long, almost their entire life and when they get to live it is extremely beautiful.

But what about those people with a disability? How are they supposed to travel?

The most challenging part of being a disabled person is one factor: mobility. How to move from one place to another without distortion of lacking the ability. Physically the challenges are more, true, but their limited capability does not define their way of travelling.

As time has passed, things have changed; those who are physically handicapped were given a chance in Canada for safe travels via access to various solutions.

Canada is a one-stop solution for every traveller

With the passage of time, referendums, social justice advocates have provided the privilege to those who face mobility challenges in travelling. Several attractions in Canada are accommodated with certain facilities for these travellers. For instance limo service GTA is one of the most readily available options for travelling on the road. Everyone deserves to ride comfortably, that’s what I believe in.

Canada, with its fair share of attractions, is available for every person. So why not share some redeeming tips for better travelling?

1. North Saskatchewan River Valley, Edmonton

Despite several popular cities, how come Edmonton has come to be known as the best accessible destination?

Say your thanks to the lively markets, an entree of festivals and all four seasonal effects. The geographical landscape is not suitable for all the wilderness and freezing lake along a deep ravine but when Edmonton’s downtown was accommodated with a funicular, it was a game-changer for mobility challenged people.

It’s easy to move around the city and at specific landmarks. The famed nightlife has its charm and is accessible to people of all abilities.

2. Art Gallery of Ontario

Ontario famous for its museums and activity centers cannot be discarded from the list of accessible destinations to visit in Canada.

Speaking of museums, the Art Gallery of Ontario is highly accommodated for accessible travelling. A person or group of people can ride on limo service GTA to the location without any interference from changing the transport.

Wheelchair users are facilitated with wooden ramps to accommodate the use of wheelchairs so that they can turn around on their freewill until unless they want to be taken by someone. This art gallery is popular for locating more than 90,000 artwork as old as the 1st century. Nothing can stop you from enjoying stunning paintings on the wall.

3. Camp awakening, Eastern Ontario

You will be surprised to learn how much of our youth with mobility disabilities find it difficult to make new friends.

Companionship offers a great level of relief to many. Thus, this is the main purpose of camping with such a group (at various locations in Ontario) to be able to rejoice and engage in something fun. Who says a person with a physical disability cant travel or is unable to do camping? I think otherwise.

This is one of the best opportunities for such youth to interact with each other, become independent travellers, (or at least start with camping). The camps are made accessible for cabins and all other equipment required for activities allows having maximum fun.

4. Vancouver, British Columbia

For a high self-pampering time, Century Plaza Hotel and Spa sounds interesting enough for all.

One of the major reasons to include it in our list of accessible places is that the hotel is equipped with ramps, shower chairs; wheel-in shower and other accessibility tools that are a true blessing in disguise for such people navigate around the hotel and its surroundings without any help.

With one of the finest dining options and spa to soothe your nerves, I would suggest everyone visit this place at least once.

The feeling of comfort and independent travelling grows on you.

5. Inverness Beach, Nova Scotia

What traveling without a day at the beach? Popular for its picturesque views of clear blue palette floating to the shores will cheer up the lads. Just breathing the saltwater relaxes you. Surprisingly it is the warmest ocean waters up in the north.

With time, the beach and the surrounding attractions took a good turn allowing the disabled travelers to have easy access to the beach. You can even swim even if you are in the wheelchair, with the right equipment and trainer in the shallow waters! Converted as a terrain friendly beach, it has not become the most accessible beach in Canada!

Accessibility is not a limitation

Every person deserves to travel. Either they chose to have an accessible travel means via limo service GTA or an accessible flight etc. it is your choice. The tourism industry is always prospering in Canada so that no one is left behind!


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