What are Some Common Tax Filing Mistakes?

Tax Filing Mistakes

All of us make mistakes, but when it is that time of the year when the tax season is on, even minor mistakes can cost you a lot. Filing for your tax payments can be daunting for most people because of which they end up doing silly mistakes. Depending on your tax credit history and current situation, your tax filing process can be either straightforward or complex. There are a lot of mistakes that are common during tax filing, which is why it is recommended to consult professional Manchester lawyers before submitting your final form. Some of the major mistakes are as follows:

Claiming The Wrong Filing Status

One of the most common mistakes during the tax filing procedure is that people often choose the wrong filing status that actually determines everything about tax returns and payments. There are 5 statuses including:

  1. Single
  2. Married filing jointly
  3. Married filing separately
  4. Head of household
  5. Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child

You have to choose the right one. Single people have no difficulty in understanding their status whereas married or widowed or single parents have to make a tough choice. For example, if you are married and living separately for more than 6 months, and filing with a married filing jointly or separately, it will be counted as a mistake. You will not be considered married in this situation.

Getting A Refund

Getting a refund isn’t good news. It is all the money that you earned throughout the year but didn’t get it because you didn’t claim the correct number of exemptions. This money could have helped you in paying off all the debt that kept building more interest over time. Getting all the money only after you filed for the tax can leave a negative impact on your credit history.

Missing The Deadline

Forgetting the deadline for sending a tax return is a common yet huge blunder you can make. With the growing popularity of the easy e-filing process online, people keep on delaying the process until the last day arrives. Often, they end up forgetting the last date. You should always give yourself more time to complete the filing process before the last date so that you can handle if any last moment problem occurs

Paper Filing Mistakes

There are a lot of paper filing mistakes that are common not only in the tax filing procedure but it can happen with anyone. Some major paper filing mistakes for tax returns are as follows:

  1. Wrong or missing social security numbers
  2. Wrong name spelling
  3. Forgetting to sign and date your return
  4. Arranging tax forms in the wrong order
  5. Forgetting to put enough postage on the envelope
  6. Sending tax returns to the wrong IRS office
  7. Forget to attach the necessary forms and details

Inaccurate Account Number

When you have attached your bank account to get direct refunds in the account, you will be waiting forever if you have entered the wrong account number in the form. Double-check and verify all the numbers before you add them.


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