How Online Ride-Hailing Market Pushing Travel Sector Ahead


What is reshaping the future of the travel and tourism sector? What are the reasons behind the massive growth of ride-hailing apps? Well, the answer is simple, convenience. 

People today lack time, whether they are going to the office, planning a vacation, or business trip. They always look for affordable, time-saving, and convenient solutions, from booking tickets to accommodation to transportation. With the number of business trips increasing across the globe, the players of the sharing economy, such as Uber, Airbnb, are grabbing the major market share of this profitable market. 

No doubt, Uber has revolutionized the traditional transportation industry with its excellent services. Today, more and more people are using private transportation mode as it saves time and enables them to book a cab as per their requirements. App-based ride-hailing is a new yet excellent travel mode that is making travel so easy globally and influences traveler’s behavior significantly. 

Moreover, the travel and tourism sector has garnered significant interest from the audience, and penetration of smartphones and the wide scope of the Internet adds value to their interest. Ideally, when it comes to travel outside the country, people check all the possibilities that make their journey smooth and memorable.  

Here online taxi booking services rescue them, from airport pick up to visiting local attractions- these apps have all to offer. Passengers now can book a cab using an app even if they are at an unknown place; this need for accessibility creates massive scope for the growth of online taxi booking apps and pushing the travel sector ahead day by day. 

Online Ride-hailing Apps Disrupts the Travel Market 

The sharing economy is now becoming a multi-billion industry; from Airbnb to Uber to other online portals, the travel sector is facing a major transformation over the years. As we said earlier, today, people seek convenience, and online taxi apps allow them to get a taxi at their doorsteps even in an unknown place. 

Even though hotels across the globe have been offering ride-booking apps, this is why more and more hotel owners are investing in Eber by Elluminati Inc solutions as it enables hotel staff to book a cab on behalf of their guests and offering a personalized customer experience to build brand loyalty. 

In today’s digital time where bookings are confirmed within a second and an entire trip can be planned using a couple of clicks, now we can not imagine the travel sector without instant services such as online taxi services, flight and hotel bookings, and much more. Thanks to advanced technology, traveling today is more quick, affordable, and accessible than ever before. 

The travel sector is becoming digital and modern technology solutions are making it more perfect. Uber-like apps also play a crucial role in the way we travel. The hotel customers choose to visit a local destination and much more; online ride-hailing apps enable consumers to travel whenever they want.
online ride-hailing apps

In the above snapshot, you can see more and more customers are planning their trips on the Internet; only 13% still ask travel agencies to plan their trips. From google maps to flights to car providers, modern technology solutions make the travel sector better and enable customers to plan everything within their smartphone. (source)

This is why ride-hailing companies are taking advantage of this lucrative market and expanding their services worldwide. As per Statista, revenue in the ride-hailing segment will rise at approx. $461 million in 2021, this figure clearly defines that the ride-hailing market will experience massive growth in the coming year. 

Finding a Ride at Any Destination is Easier than Ever 

Imagine now, 

You are stuck in an unknown place and want to get a ride to a hotel. What will you do? Open any ride-hailing app, enable location, and you will get a ride at your doorstep. Isn’t it amazing to get a cab at your location using a few licks? Yes, it is and makes the overall riding experience easy and memorable. 

Especially, hailing a cab is not incredibly easy in big cities. With online ride-hailing apps, drivers can see where riders are waiting; moreover, riders also can track the driver’s status. This is how taxi booking apps are making it convenient for their users to get a cab anywhere. You can also rent a car for several days, and smart business travelers find it the most cost-effective way to get a cab. 

Thus, we can say that tourists across the globe today have a bounty of options from finding accommodation to local restaurants for eating. There are Airbnb and other options. Want to roam around the local area? Share a ride through online taxi booking apps such as Uber, Grab, Lyft, or Didi. 

Hence, the sharing economy has pushed the travel and tourism industry ahead and compelled travel business owners to rethink their existing business strategies. 

Reasons Why Consumers Choose Ride-hailing Apps 

As we have said earlier, people now prefer comfortable solutions when it comes to transport. Mobility solutions in the transport industry encourage people to opt for time-saving solutions. Moreover, due to the corona outbreak, people globally choose private transportation as it prevents virus spread. Thus, more and more transportation companies are now digitizing their business and adopting online solutions. 

Additionally, people’s purchasing power, new lifestyles, and working patterns are the major driving force and making online ride-hailing services more popular. People now can book a ride to another country while sitting on their couch. It would not be wrong to say that taxi booking apps are making the travel sector more prosperous; there are dozens of ride-hailing apps, all of which are dramatically cost-effective solutions to owning a car.

In the above image, you can see more than half of the people book cabs online and this figure will continue to grow with time as it saves time. The benefits are seemingly numerous, from hotel and airport pickup to visit local destinations to even peer-to-peer rental cars- ride-hailing companies continually offering innovative services to stay competitive in the market.(source)

Concluding Lines

Online cab booking’s impact on the travel sector is radically changing how we think about booking trips and commuting locally. Even small taxi business owners are remodeling their existing business operations, business travel is on the rise today, and offering them the digital solution is the only way to stay ahead in the market. 

The travel industry is one where digitization is becoming more important, and modern technology tools are letting travel companies get close to them and offer enhanced experiences.


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