6 Questions to Ask Before You Attend a Baby Shower

baby shower

Do you have a relative, a friend, or an office mate whos having a baby shower soon? If youve got invited, and its your first time to attend a baby shower, you should prepare!

A baby shower is a traditional way of celebrating the pregnancy of the mother, and the little one shes going to have. Its called a shower because both the mom and the baby will be showered with gifts, love, and support. While there is no right time to have a baby shower, most moms celebrate during the 6 to 8 months of their pregnancy.

Now that you have initial knowledge of what a baby shower is, here are 6 tips you should know before you attend!

1. Should you attend?

There are many valid excuses for missing the event, like busy schedules and the fear of the pandemic. But if the event favors your situation and the host means a lot to you, then theres no reason for not showing up. For instance, parties are often held virtually recently due to the pandemic, so you wont have to worry. However, if you still cant make it, let the host know as soon as possible. Its alright, were all just too busy sometimes.

2. Can you bring a plus one?

This depends on the host or the mom-to-be. Ask politely if its okay to bring someone with you. You might find it in the invitation but its safer to ask. They might also need the headcount for the food and chairs.

In some cases, baby showers are strictly for ladies only. Its the time when they share their own experiences related to having a baby and their past baby showers. Other baby showers are open for all, even for the kids. Its almost like having a kids birthday party.

3. What should you bring?

Some baby showers have their list of gifts on the registry, just like in weddings, so its easy to choose what you are going to buy. When buying baby gifts, consider something useful such as a super soft plush, night lights, personalized picture frames, or any nursery furniture.

If you like, you can also bring something for the mother. Shell appreciate it. You can also bring some food, but ask the host or the soon-to-be mommy first before bringing anything. In addition, bringing alcoholic drinks may also be a no-no since not all visitors, especially the mommy, cant drink it.

4. Should you join the games?

If games call for participants, dont hesitate to join. After all, itll be fun and youll get to know new friends. If there are message boards, you should also try to write something that may inspire the parents-to-be with their new baby.

To give you a head-start, classic baby shower games and activities include the baby alphabet game, one-sie making, and giving wishes for the baby. In the baby alphabet game, guests will say something related to babies that begins with each letter of the alphabet, and whoever comes up with the most number of words wins! Then the one-sie making is designing a baby bodysuit, and its the time when everybody gets crafty and creative. Lastly, giving wishes to the baby is to share their hopeful messages for the upcoming bundle of joy.

5. What should you talk about?

If youre going to start a conversation, avoid commenting on the pregnant mothers belly or appearance, how she should raise the baby or horror stories about giving birth. You might just create a scene when you offended all the visitors.

Instead, try to encourage her to feel excited about the new adventure shes going to take with her little one. You can also say that the mom looks amazing, shes glowing, or youre excited for her. Dont ever mention something that will make her feel like shes huge or fat. Its not cool at all!

6. Can you touch the mom’s belly?

You should not assume that its alright to touch the moms belly. She might feel violated and irritated. Besides, the baby is not really in the belly but in the uterus. So technically, youre just invading the private space of the mother by touching her.

More importantly, a lot of diseases have been discovered recently, and you might not know if youre a carrier or not. So to be sure, just enjoy the party without touching anyones belly.

Now that youre ready to attend that baby shower, all you need to do is have fun! Just comment down how was your experience in the first baby shower youve attended.


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