EARLY LOVEBIRDS: 10 Reasons Why Couples Must Appreciate Breakfast Dates


Going on dates is not only a relaxing time for couples but also a wonderful opportunity to catch up and bond. Especially after a tiring day and after finishing burdensome tasks at home or at work, what a lovely thing it is to go out, eat and have fun with your significant other. 

Hotel staycations, romantic getaways and luxurious dinner dates are some of the grand ways many couples spend their date times. They indeed are beautiful moments to have with people you love, awesome times to make memories and enjoy without worries. 

Aside from them, there are also other ways to bond with each other, and one of the most underrated is going on breakfast dates! They are not the usual kind of dates people immediately, but they must be more valued for their precious features! To understand more of them, below is a list of reasons why couples must appreciate breakfast dates. 



The sun is shining brightly especially in the morning. It’s pretty and pleasant! Fill your skin with healthy sunlight. Bend your lips with a smile. Delight under sunshine! Have a sip of tasty coffee and a bite of sunny side-up sandwiches in the morning.

What’s more, if you want to wake up earlier than the sun, so you can prepare a hearty breakfast yourself, you can also do that! Or you can get up and drive early to a breakfast hub set at a sweet location where you can witness the sunrise! 

A breakfast date is a thousand times dazzling than any date at any time of the day. You can choose to start the day before light spreads out, and you will be astounded by how the world gets colored! The sky’s allure in the morning is matchless and stunning! 



Breakfast dates obviously happen in the morning. It’s a time when restaurants are still quiet and not yet busy, especially during weekends. That’s the perfect time to spend a quiet, peaceful and undisturbed time together. 

Meals are lovelier spent over conversations where you can clearly hear each other. Aside from it’s having your privacy in a public place, it’s just relaxing and pleasurable when the restaurant is not crowded while you have a romantic breakfast date! That’s why while you still have time to catch morning restaurants’ uninterrupted atmosphere, don’t miss the chance to experience having breakfast dates! 



Dates in the morning pave the way for you to catch exclusive breakfast menus of restaurants, fast foods and whatever eating places there are! Those specials are available only for a limited time period in the morning. Your favorites might be in that section, and you can’t get them if you go late! 

Some businesses also put up sale prices and discounted rates for early birds. You will have to get them if you go for a breakfast date. That’s one practical move right there, yet you will be spending the same romantic time as expensive hotel lunches! 



You can have breakfast together right after your morning jog. Most of the time, you get lazy to exercise in the morning because you want to extend your sleep! This time is not that time! You will be more motivated to open your eyes and stand on your feet to get ready to sweat it out with the morning breeze!

Exercising in the morning is vital to keep the body strong, fit and healthy. After that, you can eat a nicely balanced meal and have a breakfast date! It’s being conscious about your health, growing together with a tough body and mind and caring about each other’s good health.



When you begin the day with stress, bad vibes can enter your system anytime! See the person you love and meet in a refreshing place over bacon, eggs and milk! Good vibes early in the morning isn’t hard to achieve as you intend to be filled with love even before stressors try to attack!


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Launching into the day with a happy mood and an unwinding activity such as a breakfast with your loved one is one of the keys for a whole-day productivity! 

You can be bombarded with lots of tasks at work, but you can still smile genuinely. Your pants can be dusted by a dirty cabinet, but you can still patiently brush it off in an instant. You can be stuck in traffic, but you can still sing along to the radio’s music! 

Things can be very tiring even before you take the first step into them, but you can still be on-the-go for all productivity. 




One of the biggest beautiful things about breakfast dates is the time of the day when they are done — in the morning! And it’s a precious free time not everybody is willing to share with anyone. It is indeed priceless for the mere reason. 

Furthermore, dinner dates might be cancelled or postponed at times because one might need to work over time or fulfill evening meetings and other appointments. In the morning however, you just have to start early and adjust your time according to your work time, so you can spend sufficient time together talking and eating of course. 



Both of you are still fresh in the morning. You are fresher than when you already are late in the evening. Well, while appearance does not totally matter when you are completely in love with each other, freshness is still one comely thing to have! And you have that pure freshness in the morning! You can go on a date with fresh faces, fresh minds and fresh atmosphere!



How about talking about your plans for the day? Where are you going? What will you be working on? Is there any package you will be waiting to arrive? Are there work meetings you will be attending to or lunch dates with friends you will be checking on your planner? What are your plans for the day

Aside from knowing how one’s day has been, know how one’s day is planned to be done too! That’s how at the end of the day, you will know what to expect, what to know or what to check on his/her to-do list!  



The best way to start the day before all the delicious breads and coffee cups is with a prayer! Open the day’s curtains with a sweet conversation with God. 

It’s always the best to have a beautiful relationship first with your Almighty Creator before having it with anyone else. And when you both have that, then you will have a tastier coffee and a warmer bread in the morning as you see the sun’s flashing rays hitting busy roads and ocean waves. 



Breakfast dates are peerless and more than how they sound and seem like. Try them yourselves, so you know that it’s beyond candle-lit nights and star-filled evenings! Being early lovebirds is something else!


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