Ten places to explore on your Malaysia trip

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful islands to visit in the world. The stunning paradise to magnificent coastlines along the white sands, it has an exuberant aesthetic appeal that attracts millions of visitors every year. Situated amidst the blue waters, the place is not too expensive, has a lot of people who speak in English, is equipped with delicious cuisine, and is ruled by nature. The land of diversity, beauty, and adventure, Malaysia should be definitely on your bucket list of travel. We list down 10 places that you should visit with your tribe.

  1. Kuala Lumpur

This has to be the first place you visit when you land in Malaysia and it surprises you with the most culinary exploits and cultural diversity. Have a gala time enjoying the train networks in Kuala Lumpur and explore some astonishing sights such as the Petronas Towers, the Perdana Lake Gardens and the Menara KL Tower. The amalgamation of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence in the city will be a great start to your trip.

2. Penang

The grand island on the west coast, Penang is a gem that defines the aura of Malaysia. The UNESCO world heritage site has some stunning sights to offer. The colonial city of Georgetown has museums, forts, ancient homes, and street food on the streets that is so delicious to miss. The historical town has some artistic murals by numerous artists and a magnificent waterfront.

3. The Perhentian Islands

 Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands have excellent adventure and nightlife in the whole island. The two islands, Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar have everything that caters perfection for every kind of vacation. The islands are perfect for a romantic getaway and a family vacation. Enjoy the blue water, snorkel inside and witness the underwater life, and do all the adventures you have listed down. You need a speed boat to get on either of the islands.

4. Malaysian Borneo

If you want to take a break from endless waters, take a flight and land at the lush green lands of Malaysian Borneo. The abundant wildlife and rainforests in the place calls for nature’s most enchanting scenery. Divided into two states, Sarawak in the south and Sabah in the north, both of them have distinct characteristics that define the versatility in the most exuberant manner.  

5. Malacca

Too stunning to miss, the Peranakan city of Malaysia is a UNESCO world heritage site. The old town leaves visitors spellbound by its ancient charm and serene vibes. The town is in vicinity to Kuala Lumpur that paves way for another reason to visit this town. 

6. Taman Negara

Named in Malay, the “National park” is the oldest national park of Malaysia. It is said to be the oldest tropical rainforest and welcomes you for a tranquil walk under the dense canopy. It would give you a deep glance at the life inside the greens. The whimsical sounds of waterfalls, chirping of birds, night safaris, trekking to forests, and a chance to witness wild elephants make for a great package for tourists. Sleep on the banks of river Kuala Tahan and take a boat ride in the morning to see the sun rising high in the sky.

7. Cameron Highlands

The place will give you chills at night literally. If you are done enjoying the summery vibes across the coastline, you can head to the green Cameron Highlands. The change of climate is accompanied with the lush green landscapes, tea gardens, hiking trails around volcanoes, strawberry farms, butterfly gardens and flower greenhouses.

8. Tioman Island

Not too far from Singapore, this island is an enchanting experience of exotic charm and exuberance. The excellent accommodation facilities with adventurous underwater activities can provide you surprisingly the best time of your trip to Malaysia. Nature is abundant and the setting is picturesque. The island has beautiful beaches, and dense forests and enjoys the duty-free status.

9. Langkawi

One of the most popular destinations in Malaysia, Langkawi also enjoys duty-free status. It has the largest indoor aquarium in Malaysia and a sky bridge that shows the whole of Malaysia. The island is really popular and hence is crowded most of the time. The large tourist infrastructure has led people to call it Malaysia’s side of Phuket.

10. Selangor

The urban sprawl makes this city the most developed and populated state. The city is equipped with a Formula One racetrack, the national zoo of Malaysia, a lot of theme parks, the shopping malls, world-class hotels and an abundance of urbanism. Selangor also has the famous Batu caves with the largest statue of Lord Murugan, the God of War. The river in Kuala Selangor glows in the evening with numerous fireflies giving us a spectacular sight to remember.

We hope that you visit the above-listed places on your next trip to Malaysia. Choose your Malaysia honeymoon package at Pickyourtrail and get ready to enjoy the most happening days of your life.


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