How To Adjust with a Snoring Partner | Life Hacks and Strategies

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that snoring is virtually a relationship tester and has the ability to destroy even the happiest of existences. While the snorer is completely unaware of the problems he or she is causing to the partner, it often gets very difficult for a normal human being to adjust to the snoring sounds and still get a good night’s sleep in. While talking things out is quite a good strategy, there are quite a few ways to adjust with a snoring life partner which involves something more than a pair of ear plugs.

Let us first take a look at the existing medical solutions which are still completely natural and easy to administer:

Avoiding sedatives

What makes things worse is the addition of sedatives to the daily scheme of things. Individuals need to understand that usage of sedatives relaxes the tongue and other associated muscles which eventually becomes a direct cause of snoring.

Solving structural issues

While there can be lot of natural ideas like losing weight and minimizing alcohol consumption, the actual problem of snoring needs to be addressed at the core. Firstly, individuals need to address their structural inadequacies, in regard to nose and throat. There are quite a few of us with enlarged adenoids and tonsils which play a major role in snoring. While there might be a recurring infection causing the same or a pertinent structural issue, the idea here is to consult with a credible physician and get things sorted in the best possible way. An ENT specialist can actually come in handy in this case.

Now that the medical remedies are out of the way, it’s time to ascertain the home solutions for combating snoring with immediate attention.

Lifting the Head

One miraculous way of combating snoring is to lift the head by at least ten centimeters by using a pillow or even a comfortable yet raised surface. The angle lifting creates allows the throat and the nasal cavity to be in line with each other which leads to seamless air passage.

Using Solution for Snoring

There are quite a few anti snoring devices including nasal openers and mouthpieces which allow individuals to breathe freely while sleeping. Using these solutions make sure that snoring is combated effectively and there aren’t relationship troubles to account for.

Following the Tennis Ball approach

It goes without saying the fixing the sleeping position plays a major role in eliminating snoring for good. This is why it is advisable for snorers to sleep on their sides or adjust to the same by following the tennis ball approach. This technique makes sure that individuals sleeping on the stomach and back feel uncomfortable due to the tied tennis ball and automatically have to move to a side for getting a better sleep.


Adjusting with a snoring partner can take time but the mentioned techniques can certainly help ease out this extremely tricky job besides speeding the process, almost remarkably.


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