Top 5 Mobile Tricks That You Don’t Know

Top 5 Mobile Tricks

Top 5 mobile tricks:

When we buy a new phone, we try to explore all the features of the phone. Within a day or two, we would have checked out all the features that the phone has to offer. Most of the people use a mobile phone that runs either on Android or iOS operating system. Its most likely that everyone will know all the basic tasks a smartphone can do. But there are some tricks only a pro user knows. Most of the features of smartphones are unveiled using applications. In this article, we are giving you the top 5 mobile phone tricks that you may not know. Read further and discover these features on your smartphones.

Cast your screen:

This is an extraordinary feature that many of you may not know. Using this trick, you can mirror your screen on your computer.

This can only be done when you use a chrome cast dongle. But, without investing in it, you can cast your screen using screencasting apps like Airdroid, TeamViewer quick support, etc. Alternatives to this are also available on the Apple store for the iPhone.

Control your computer:

One of the excellent functionalities of a smartphone that enables you to control your computer wirelessly. To perform this trick you have to install an application called Splash top 2. This app allows you to connect to your computer ps2 bios. Also, it shows you the whole desktop on your screen. Now, you can control your computer wirelessly.

Currently, this app is available for both Android and iOS. This application can be accessed on both Windows PC and a mac.

Security surveillance camera:

You can turn your smartphone into a security camera for your house. To do this trick, you can make use of an old smartphone with a good quality working camera. All you have to do is install an IP webcam application on that device. This allows you to watch what is happening on that camera wirelessly.

This only works on android mobile phones.

Bypass pattern lock:

Sometimes we forget our phone pattern locks. We will try all the available ways to unlock it. If it still is not unlocked, use this method. The disadvantage of this trick is that we will lose all our contacts and data from your phone. If you think this is OK, follow this trick. To do this, firstly switch off your mobile phone and restart it. During restart, press down volume down + power button simultaneously. Now you will have a menu that can be accessed using volume rockers. Select wipe data/factory reset to apply.

This trick is effective only when others have failed to unlock your device. This is not preferred over others as this will delete all your android data. If you are a type of person who forgets patterns, try to keep synchronize your data online so that when you use this trick, you will not lose your data. This trick is only limited to Android users.

Custom ringtones on iPhone:

Apple iPhone has a very good collection of ringtones. But one time or the other, we would have thought of having our ringtone which is customized by us for our iPhone and thought it is not possible. It is possible with this simple trick. To do this, firstly, select an audio clip of your choice which is less than 30 seconds. Now, convert that audio from .m4a format to m4r format and import it to your iTunes as a ring tone. Now, go to share and choose the ringtone. Assign it to your contact. There you go. You have your custom ringtone on your iPhone.


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