Scrapbook Collections – 7 Tips for Making Memories with Your Child

Scrapbook Collections

How much do you remember from your own childhood? The walk to the park. The laughs and giggles you shared with your friends. The daily joys and struggles of school. Is it all a blur? Childhood slips by so fast. Looking back, the memories we often cherish are the everyday moments that seemed commonplace and ordinary at the time. As you relive these days with your own children, how can you preserve these memories to look back on in years to come?

Scrap booking is a joyous, timeless activity that people of any age can enjoy. It fosters creativity and can be a relaxing getaway from the monotony of work. By scrap booking together, parents and children can record special moments in their lives while making new special memories of their own.

1. Set aside special time with your child regularly.

Most of your time is already spent with or for your child as you get through the never-ending daily chores. However, even though you are constantly with your child, are you actually spending quality time together? Consciously setting aside a small amount of time each day or week will help you foster that treasured relationship and build unforgettable memories. Whether it is for an hour, half an hour, or even fifteen minutes, let your child know that this is your special mommy and me time just for you two to share as you both scrapbook together.

2. Have a set place.

Make the entire experience memorable. Just because you are scrapbooking at home doesn’t mean that the time together can’t be special. Dedicate a certain section in the house just for your scrapbooking time. It can simply be a small corner of your house that your child doesn’t usually occupy or even the dining table when it is not meal time. The main thing is to be consistent and get your child excited about the activity. Layout your scrapbook collection supplies and let your child know that you are in the scrapbook zone now.

3. Have special supplies just for your scrapbooking time.

Your child probably already uses glue and stickers on the daily for various other crafts. Make your time together even more special by setting aside certain supplies to be used only while scrapbooking. Altenew has an immense collection of quality scrapbooking products that will fulfill both yours and your child’s crafting dreams. From beautiful patterned papers to gorgeous stamps to 3D stickers to washi tapes, Altenew has enough embellishments to bring out all that inner creativity. To make things even simpler for you, you can get a complete scrapbook collection kit carefully curated with everything you need to scrapbook. With an Altenew scrapbook kit, all you need is to get together with your child and let your creativity run wild.

4. Remember to take pictures with your child.

Your camera roll is probably full of pictures of your child. Pictures of your child playing, your child sleeping, your child laughing, your child eating. But how often do you get in front of the camera with your child to be in the picture? You are there with your child every step of the way. Don’t forget to record yourself in these moments, too! Scrapbooking with your child will be that much more memorable if you have pictures of both of you together to record and embellish.

5. Don’t take on the whole world.

So much happens every day. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to write down every single memory or put every single picture in your scrapbook collection. Focus on one moment or one picture and move forward from there. Jot down the little details you remember from that picture and record the quirky things your child said about it, even if it seems unimportant now. Many years later, you and your child will cherish the small things you recorded that you may have otherwise forgotten.

6. Prioritize making memories, not perfection.

Crafting with children can get messy and things can go wrong. Don’t worry if your scrapbook pages have childish scribbles on them or that the floral arrangements aren’t just so. The important thing is that you are making memories with your child, not that you are creating a perfect work of art. Your child will remember that he got to stamp the flower or that she got to place the sticker much more fondly than if mom did it all.

7. Have fun

The most important thing for both you and your child is to have fun. If your scrapbooking time together starts to seem like another chore, rethink your strategy. Are you setting aside too much time for it? Too little? Does it seem like you are trying too hard to think of memorable moments to record? Is the location you chose too distracting? Don’t worry about changing things up a bit. Focus on what makes you and your child happy and make those special memories together for your scrapbook collection.


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