Having Doubts About Pre-wedding Photoshoot? Here’s Why You Should Do It

pre-wedding photography

No matter how hard we try to relive the most important moments in our minds, memories fade. They fade in a way that we can’t remember every tiny detail in an instant. However, if we have photographs, we can relive any memory and hold onto precious moments forever.

Wedding photography tells the story of your perfect day. That’s why these photographs are of great value to you and your future family members. If you’re not sure whether you need a pre-wedding photoshoot, we’ll discuss the main reasons to give it a shot.

Learn to relax when someone’s watching

Many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. This can be especially hard in a situation where you need to act in love and show your emotions in front of a complete stranger. If you are camera shy, consider this as a perfect time to overcome your shyness or at least try to lessen it. Focus on your loved one and don’t think about anyone else that is around you. Even if you feel utterly uncomfortable, just remember that this is just a test and that it’ll be easier once you go through this.

Get to know your photographer

Getting to know your photographer can also lessen your shyness in front of a camera. You will see how your photographer or the entire team moves, acts, directs you, and builds rapport with you. As much as you benefit from getting to know your chosen photographer, he or she benefits from it too. The photographer will use this test shoot as a learning experience so he or she will know how to capture your beauty and love on your wedding day.

Practice the best poses

Great photography is all about the proper light, angle, and pose. Posing might seem simple, but it isn’t. You need to be comfortable, at ease, and not awkward. Be comfortable enough to try all the poses you can think of so you’ll know which ones actually work and which don’t. Your photographer plays a great role in this because he or she will direct you and guide you until you strike the best poses.

Plan the scenery

Pre-wedding photography is also a great way to test the scenery and background of your photos. You might have a list of places you’d like to have in your photos. However, until you test them all, you won’t know if they are even a good idea for your wedding photos.

If you’re having a destination wedding, you can test the best locations during a pre-wedding photoshoot. For example, if you’re getting married in Sydney, you’ll probably like to take photos at some of the most popular locations. Hyde Park, Observatory Hill, and Sydney Uni are just some of the most popular places. You can also hire wedding cars in Sydney and use them creatively in your shots.

Be creative

When you view pre-wedding photography as some sort of a test, you’ll be more creative. You can unleash your creative spirit and try a variety of different poses, that will show your love in the best possible way. When you know that something isn’t official, you’ll be more relaxed and open to trying even some unbeaten paths and photography locations. 

You’ll add some more memories into the mix

This pre-wedding shoot can be a great way for you and your future spouse to take a break from all the wedding planning. You can bond over an hour or two of taking silly and goofy photos while you get ready for the real wedding photoshoot. After all, you’ll have more memories of your loving relationship after this photoshoot. You can use these photos to decorate your wedding venue or even use them as your wedding invitation.

Some people are natural when it comes to posing in front of a camera, while others need time to relax. By now, all of us should be used to taking photos because we do that almost daily. However, when you add the wedding jitters into the mix, even the most laid back people might be stiff in front of the photographer. That’s why we tried to explore the reasons why you should definitely book your pre-wedding shoot.


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