The Mystic Holy Kaaba and its Memorable Facts

Holy Kaaba

Muslims across the globe embark on their Spiritual Journey towards the Saudi holy cities of Makkah and Medina. The Muslims there perform the two most significant Islamic pilgrimages known as Hajj and Umrah respectively. Both of these spiritual journeys are brimmed with the countless blessings of Allah (SWT). And the Muslims converge before the mighty Holy Kaaba to seek those blessings of Allah (SWT).

It is undoubtedly true that these Islamic rituals are directed for the physically, financially and mentally sound Muslims. They are directed to spend their money, time and energies towards the Divine path of Allah (SWT). However, among all these aforementioned facts, mental soundness or cognition is the most important factor to have a memorable and spiritually thrilling Umrah journey.

Lack of Religious Knowledge- A problem

Whenever I went for Hajj or Umrah, I performed all the directed Hajj/ Umrah rituals with a religious and God-fearing attitude. During my circumambulation around the mighty square of the Holy Kaaba, I got my senses lost in the charismatic grandeur of the Black Square building. I saw there, masses teary-eyed, crying and striving to touch the sacred Cube of Kaaba that is our Qibla. I have always blessed with the golden opportunity of performing my holy rituals with a religious zeal. However, what is found lacking in myself is the lack of historical inkling behind this great panoramic spiritual site. I realized that if you simply perform a ritual without simultaneously perceiving its full meaning, it has of no real value.

Therefore, I decided to study the pros and Cons of the Holy Black cube of the Holy Kaaba to understand some (if not all) realities and facts associated with it.

God Almighty- All-knowing Creator

Before sharing with you whatever inkling or knowledge I have acquired, let me tell you that Allah Almighty is all-knowing about everything. He has created unfathomable universes and alone handles the intricate matters of his universe. The Holy Kaaba and panoramic views of the courtyard of Haram (Mecca’s Epicenter) are not less than a miracle. The human mind I believe still has a limited understanding of the wondrous place on this entire earth.

However, Allah has declared the Man or Human being as “the Crown of Creation” with the cognizance far broader/ greater than any other living creature of this universe. Therefore, the man must use this ability in striving to understand the reality of his Creator and the purpose of his creation. In this factual light, I intend to present some interesting and meaningful information about our holy Epicenter.

The Mystic Kaaba-an Iconic Place on Earth

The Mystic square of the Holy Kaaba is not only something significant for Muslims. Also all an Iconic place for all mankind on Earth. It is a miraculous wonder centered in the center of the Saudi city Mecca. This enchanting building mesmerizes the whole world.

Kaaba- A Divinely Gift to the Holy Prophet ( SAW)

The Holy Kaaba is one of the divine privileges to the Holy Prophet (SAW) granted by Almighty Allah. The Holy Prophet (SAW) himself declared that Allah (SWT) had created all the places of worship for him and his Ummah. It is regarded as our Qibla, a niche in the front wall of every mosque and a direction for our prayers. No matter where we the Muslims are, we have to offer our prayer inevitably towards the direction of the sacred Holy Kaaba. This orientation must adhere to the heart and soul of every Muslim. The Divine directory of our prayer direction indicates the omnipresent significance of the physical presence of the Holy Kaaba.

Kaaba and Its Constructors

Kaaba is the ancient center of our spiritual journey. it is approximately Cubic, with its four walls facing the four points of the compass. The Square building looks Black because it is covered by a Black Colored cover called Qiswa. It is considered as the reverential center of the World itself. According to the Holy Quran, the Kaaba was a primordial house founded by the first Man Adam (PBUH) on earth. It was later reconstructed by the joint services of father-son Duo Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail (AS).

Kaaba as  Heart of Allah

Kaaba is not just a stone or an architectural construction to navigate around. It is much more than this worldly fact. For me, its spiritual splendor is too ineffable to translate it into words. I witness that not everybody who navigates around it experiences its grandeur. To have an entire appeasing and spiritual feeling, you must delve deep into its mystic significance. You must realize the difference between a physical pilgrimage and spiritual journeying. For a true God –loving Muslim, the physical Kaaba in the world represents the human spiritual heart, the place within the human beings where the Divine (Allah SWT) dwells.

In other words, the Kaaba is the heart of Allah (SWT).  The heart is not a place for worldly love affairs, it is, in fact, the house of real knowledge. i.e. the knowledge of Allah (SWT).  So the heart belongs to Allah (SWT) and he is the sole owner of this heart.

When you reach the sacred Epicenter, immerse yourself in prayers, duas and petitions. Seek his forgiveness and give vent to all your feelings and emotions.

Two-Kaabas- First on Earth and Second on Heaven

It is an amazing spiritual truth that exactly above the Kaaba, there is a replica of the Kaaba on Heaven. This ultimate truth is already mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is further confirmed by the Holy Prophet (SAW) through his journey of 7 heavens on the eve of Mairaj. This Kaaba on Heaven is known as Bait ul Ma’mur where 70,000 angels perform prayers daily around it.

Key Keepers of the Holy Kaaba

An entire account is present in Islamic history regarding the Key Keepers of this grand square building. Go for the authentic sources to read it and enlighten your mind. However, in short, the guardianship of the Kaaba was entrusted by the Holy Prophet (SAW) to the sons of Shaybah and their successors. It is still inherited by them and they will remain the Kaaba key keepers till the end of the day according to the directions of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

To quest your thirst for Islamic knowledge it is highly recommended to go for the authentic sources of religious history. Because your awareness will eventually lead you closer to your Almighty Creator.


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