5 Commercial Fit-Out Trends to keep your Eye On


Deciding to fit out your commercial building is a smart way of rejuvenating your business’ physical space. When you give your physical property an injection of life, your employees, visitors, clients and customers also feel the effect of your positive working environment. Ultimately, you can only benefit from a new and improved space. That being said, there are a number of ways that you fit out your commercial office. However, there is one golden rule that you should bear in mind for your commercial interior fit-out: ensure that your space reflects your business’ identity and nature. You can follow the latest trends and incorporate the most futuristic and modern designs into your fit-out, however, if you don’t do it according to your company’s business, it will most likely not be effective.

What does it mean to ensure that your commercial interior fit-out matches your business?

To put it simply, this means that your fit-out should be designed with your business operations, employees and customers in mind. Your work environment should match how your employees work together, customers shop and the types of products and services that you offer. For example, a doctor’s office should not have a fit-out that is meant for collaborative work with an open floor plan, but rather one with private offices and distinct areas.

If you keep this in mind and incorporate some of 2020’s trends into your fit-out, you’ll be on the way to a successful and effective result.

5 commercial fit-out trends to keep in mind for your business’ interior


As with most things in 2020, the push for sustainability has entered the workplace and is now a trend in office fit-outs. Your interior space can incorporate sustainability and a close relationship with nature through the addition of large windows (for natural light and ventilation), indoor plants, and furniture made with natural materials such as bamboo, stone, and jute.

Less to do with fit-outs and more to do with operations, businesses have also been continuing with the sustainability trend by going paperless, recycling, and utilising only recycled materials. In addition to promoting sustainability and helping the environment, this trend has been linked to improved productivity, creativity, and well-being for employees.

Smart and dynamic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made almost every business owner realise the importance of space and how crucial it is that it be dynamic. In a world where things can change in a split second, it is important that workspaces are able to change accordingly as well. Companies have started to include multi-functional spaces that still prioritise operations and employee productivity.

As mentioned previously, always remember to keep the nature of your business in mind as this will determine what your space looks like and the level of multi-functionality that you are able to include. However, moveable walls, lightweight mobile furniture and adjustable lighting are elements that can make the transformation of your space easy.

Diversity in one colour

Colours in an office should always be brand-focused, making it likely to be one or two colours. One of the biggest colour trends for fit-outs is to include variations of this colour. Variations of one colour can be found in different shades, textures, tones and patterns. If you use this in your space, it won’t only capitalise on your brand identity but it will make your space appear more creative and give your interior designer more freedom.

Technological incorporation

This may be a trend that we see every year as technology is constantly evolving. Companies will begin to incorporate more technological or ‘smart’ features into their office. This could be as simple as a phone booth or as elaborate as a voice-controlled digital assistant. Booking meeting rooms and recording minutes for meetings may no longer be a human job, but one for a digital assistant.

Health and wellness

The productivity and mental health of employees have become trends and a priority for many business owners when deciding on their commercial fit-out. Companies are beginning to invest in healthy and sustainable working environments which focus on the improvement of employees’ physical and mental health. This doesn’t only affect the employee, but also the overall productivity of the company as mentally stable and healthy employees are more likely to be content and be more committed to their job.

To improve the health and wellness of your company through a fit-out, pay attention to the quality of lighting, particularly natural lighting, sound level, and visual design of the office.

If you’re interested in a commercial fit-out for your company, then you should incorporate these trends into your interior. Bear in mind that you must also consider the nature of your business and how your employees work. Commercial building companies are the best option for you to achieve a seamless fit-out. There are many businesses in Sydney that offer fit-out and fit-out management services.