Top Architectural firms in Australia

Enrico Conti

If you want to construct your building, office, company, or you have received a contract to build houses from the government or organizations, hiring an architect is a must and the first step. They help you to virtually view what your proposed build would look like once it is completed. This will guide the construction workers on what to do and follow the sketches carefully.

Who is an architect?

An architect is a person who designs a building using software programs like AutoCAD, 3D (three-dimensional), or 2D drawings to virtually bring the buildings to life. An architect also supervises the construction project when it is being constructed to ensure that the builders and construction workers follow the architectural plan.

Top Architectural Firms in Australia

‘Quality is something that should never be compromised in whatever work we do. It builds trust among business owners and their customers and strengthens their bonds. This is why it is imperative for construction companies and homeowners not to compromise on the type of services of architectural firms they employ,’ says Enrico Conti, a renowned architectural firm. He ascertained that at Enrico Conti, quality and reliability is our watchword. We use the latest software design to make a building plan that is almost like a real building and put the safety rules and regulations in consideration.”

The following are the top architectural firms available in Australia

  1. Enrico Conti: Enrico Conti is an eco-friendly Green architectural design company in Australia. He uses sustainable green construction materials and environmentally friendly building methods because he understands the importance of preserving the earth. He aims to create an energy-efficient, eco-friendly habitat for people to reside and work in, whether it is a rural property or new houses across Australia. Enrico Conti produces his work according to the client’s instructions and follows the allocated time to complete the job. He adheres strictly to building safety standards and guidelines.
  2. Woods Bagot Architectural Firm: The firm has been in existence in Australia for the past 150 years and has built quite a good reputation there. Their projects; ‘Short Lane’ and the “Wynard Station” used revolutionary and state-of-the-art building materials for construction.
  3. PTW Architects: It is a relatively multinational big company that has over 200 employees and numerous offices in top cities in China, Taiwan, and Australia. They are highly respected for their excellent master planning and diverse architectural designs. They create commercial buildings combined with public and cultural ideals to enhance the city’s aesthetics and facilities.
  4. Bates Smart: It is a multidisciplinary design company that is into interior design, urban building designs within Australia. It uses modern design for the workplace or commercial construction. Notable among their works are Clemenger Group, The Hub Parliament, RACV, Australia Unity located in Melbourne, Sydney’s CHE Proximity, Westgarth’s Courts Chamber, Maddocks, Cushman Wakefield, and Boston Construction Group.
  5. Conrad Gargett: This is also a multidisciplinary architectural company that operates on a global scale. It uses its astute understanding of people’s emotions to make durable designs.
  6. WMK Architecture: WMK is not only an architectural design practice but also into strategic planning and interior design. It has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.
  7. Billard Leece Partnership: It specializes in urban, multiple-unit housing, health, and education designs.
  8. Hames Sharley: It is an expert company when it comes to designing quality health architecture within the Australian context.

An aesthetically beautiful building is pleasing to the eye, but beauty is not the only requirement when designing and constructing a building. It must be built within the budget, withstand the elements, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly. Choose wisely when you want to employ the services of any architectural corporation.


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