11 Things you can do when Celebrating Small Wins

Celebrating Small Wins

Achievements are things that help us to move forward and dream for bigger success. They fuel our passion, and sense of belongingness. The higher we value an achievement, the bigger the reward we get from ourselves or other people. Usually, tangible things represent our achievements like medals and trophies, which can also initiate quarrels and jealousy among friends or co-workers. But instead of being jealous, we should be happy for people who attained something— big or small. Since bigger achievement takes much more time and effort, we should appreciate the small wins we achieve to help us keep going. In celebrating small things, we can maintain our emotional well-being. It’ll also help in creating dopamine, which can give us the motivation to do other things. If you’re excited to learn more, here are 11 you can do when celebrating small wins.

1. Buy a gift

If it’s for yourself, it’s easier to choose what to buy. If it’s for someone else, you can buy something they’ll appreciate like a book, a scented candle, a bottle of essential oil, or any other affordable gifts. Give them something they’ll enjoy. Besides, everyone has something on their online carts waiting to be processed and delivered, so maybe now is the right time to get it.

2. Watch a movie

Whether it’s for yourself or someone you know, enjoying a movie is a fun activity for everybody. It’s okay if you want to celebrate by watching alone, but you can also have a virtual movie night with your family and friends. It’ll be fun, plus you can get to see their reactions to all the scenes.

3. Celebrating a special meal

It can be a valid excuse for a cheat day, but you can also enjoy a healthy meal. Eat something you don’t usually consume, light a candle, and drink some wine or champagne. You can also make it simpler by just adding cake or dessert to your usual meal. You can bake something or just buy it from your favorite shop.

For a more fun night, have a barbeque or slumber party. It doesn’t have to be grand because the main goal here is to fill your stomachs with a good meal, and your hearts with happiness.

4. Have a spa day

After achieving something, it’s never a bad idea to relax for a while. Go out, treat yourself or whoever is celebrating a spa day. If it’s too risky to go out, order a skincare set or handheld massager online, so you can still chill at the comfort of your home.

5. Be excited

It’s not every day you get to accomplish something extraordinary. You should be happy about your success, and don’t let other people’s reactions take away the excitement you feel. Acknowledging your achievements will boost your motivation to do something more, and you’ll also forget about the negativities in your life. Furthermore, it’ll help you grow as an individual.

6. Do something you’ve always wanted

If you’ve compromised some things just to achieve this goal, you should spoil yourself a little bit more. Think of something you’ll enjoy doing, and just do it.

If you haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days, reward yourself with a long and uninterrupted sleep. You can also go to the gym, mall, or just stroll to the park and eat some ice cream. You’ve worked hard for it, and you deserve to take a break.

7. Pay for it

It sounds crazy, but it’ll help you in the future. Get yourself a piggy bank, and put money in it every time you achieve a small win. In this way, you’ll get to save some money for a bigger celebration of your future achievements.

8. Change something about you

You need to have a little more glow, so try changing your hair, outfit, or even your morning routine. It’ll be good for your mental health. And since now that you are more motivated than ever, you have the guts to go and make a change.

9. Go for an upgrade

If you have extra money, and you’ve been promising yourself to buy a new phone or TV, then you should. Besides, an upgrade is great, and it’ll help you to deal with your everyday life more conveniently.

10. Spend your day in a hotel room

You can never go wrong with room service, good ambiance, huge room, and a minibar. Celebrate your small win like a boss, and stay in a nice hotel.

11. Don’t pressure yourself

Yes, you’re happy and lively because you’ve achieved something. But despite what you’ve achieved, you should still not pressure yourself into accomplishing other small or bigger things right away. Remember that if small wins are put together, you’ll be able to have bigger success in the long run. Take your time, and don’t let other people’s success or failure affect you.

Always acknowledge everything you’ve achieved. It’s your success, and you deserve to be happy. Don’t forget to comment down on how you celebrate your small wins!


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