How should you customise a New Development in Sydney?

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Buying a home or apartment in a new development located in Sydney is an exciting new step to take in one’s life. Along with it being a major accomplishment in one’s life, with the purchase of a new home or apartment, comes the opportunity to enjoy creative freedom. Many people are often troubled by the fact that older properties have already set decor and furnishings, making it hard to customize a new home according to one’s preferences. However, with new developments, this isn’t an issue as new developments are large, blank slates.

In some new developments, you may find some customisation in the form of architecture or appliances, however, they are mostly customisable, enabling new residents to decorate their homes just how they envisioned.

Why should you purchase a home in a new housing development in Sydney?

It’s clear that customisation is a major advantage of purchasing a home in new housing development, however, are there any other advantages? Of course! New housing developments are usually built to be attractive to a 21st-century dweller, allowing it to boast of many advantages, including:

  • Proximity to amenities

As mentioned previously, many new housing developments are built to be attractive to new residents. This includes being close to a transportation hub (especially if situated in a city), schools, hospitals, and entertainment centres.

  • Low-maintenance

Because new housing developments are just that – now – you don’t have to worry about many of the issues associated with older homes such as rusty pipes, chipped paint, outdated appliances, and blown bulbs.

  • High resale and rental value

New housing developments are fitted with new appliances, modern furnishings and are overall more attractive than older homes, allowing you to resell or rent for a higher price than you would get for an older home in a similar location.

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient

Residences built within new housing developments are often constructed and fit-out sustainably, allowing you to save money and live eco-friendly.

How should you customise your home within a new property development?

Now that you know why you should purchase a new home, you may be wondering what options you have to customise your residence. The options are endless, however, we have a few favourites all in line with the 21st century and upcoming trends in 2021.

Blue is the new black

Rich blues are becoming the new black. Dark moody blues that have hints of cobalt and navy will dominate interiors as it exudes mystery and luxury all at the same time. We suggest using a rich blue on your walls and pair it with more subtle but warm and neutral colours to balance the cool tones in the blue. For a touch of luxury, add gold accents. Gold accents will immediately update your interior to an elegant but affluent aesthetic.

Sustainable interior

We mentioned previously that homes in new developments will be built and fit-out more sustainably than older homes. To match this, sustainability in interior design will be a huge trend for 2021. Incorporate marble, jute, and cotton with your furniture, curtains, and decor to evoke a natural and texturally complex aesthetic.  You don’t have to go the route of boho-chic to make sustainability in your design work. Instead, opt for sleek marble and posh recycled furniture.

Make a statement

Making a statement is no longer limited to just accent walls. Add a bold piece of art or furniture in your home. This trend is extremely flexible and can give you an outlet to reflect your individualism and personality. We highly recommend a piece of art for living rooms and a bold piece of furniture for your hallway.

Blend nature into your environment

Blending nature with your interior has been long known to be a great way to liven up your interior. However, it doesn’t hurt to mention that it will be trending in 2021. Instead of opting for the usually minimalist aesthetic with plants, instead, utilise greenery as a way to soften your industrial or rustic interior.


Neutrals are making a big comeback in 2021, with grey as the front runner. The cool neutral colour is the perfect way to bridge the gap between elegance and modernity. Utilise it in conjunction with brighter colours to truly see the neutral shine.


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