How to Prepare Tenant Screening Checklist


Landowners find it quite difficult when it comes to finding a good tenant. Meeting new faces can cloud your mind easily hence, making you judge a person wrongly. After all, handing one’s property to a stranger can be a big decision. You may want to confirm whether they are in safe hands or not.

To find a good tenant, tenant screening is one of the effective ways. Most property management companies follow this road to make things sound in the whole tenant assigning procedure. This may involve some of the complicated steps that may require an expert’s insight. Here, are a few things that you may add to your tenant screening checklist so that, you don’t up to make mistakes while selecting a good prospect for your property.

Criteria for Tenant Screening

Being a landlord is not an easy task. It requires a lot of thinking and planning. Like for instance, before you can bring renters home, you need to know what kind of renters do you want to stay in your rental property. Somewhere you might have to compromise but most of the time you may have to work to maintain the property.

For that, you may have to set certain criteria. You may not want a pet in your rental home or want the payment on time, etc. and you will have to add that to your tenant screening checklist. This will help you in a better understanding of the prospect as well. The landlord would want to know more about the tenant and that is quite a common procedure. The first step to getting to know is preparing a set of criteria that you would want your tenant to follow. Start by this and you won’t find any problem to move forward.

Advertise Rental

The best way to find a good contender for the property is by advertising the place properly. The best property management companies in Prince Georges County share that to find good renters for the rental is through advertising. You can target the audience and get a great response.

Advertising helps you make an impact on the audience depending upon your criteria. Promotions and advertisements reach people more effectively making it worth the cost. This way your chances of getting the job done efficiently increase ten folds. So, make sure you advertise the property well to enjoy the benefits well.

Pre-screening Prospects

Pre-screening, a productive way to cut tenant screening costs. Yes, when you screen the list of prospects initially from the details available, it will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. As soon as you advertise about your vacant rental, many people will start showing interest in the property. The continuous, doorbells and phone calls can become a bombshell. This can be an irritating phase.

Selecting just a few of them and then going forward with them will help you save a great deal. There will be a few contenders who stand out from the group. You can proceed with them and that will increase the probability of meeting with the right tenant for your property. It will also save you from meeting unnecessary prospects and showing them around. All over, this will ensure fewer trips and less hassle.

Give Rounds of the rental

Two types of rental showing approaches are adopted by the companies: individual showing or block appointments. When you are a landlord without any property manager, you can always proceed with an open house.

While you think that giving a walk is for the tenant’s benefit but you can take this up as a way to analyze the prospect you are dealing with. You can understand their needs, requirements, behavior, etc. You can send them the questionnaire or proceed with the agreement signing, whatever you may feel is right.

Running Background Check of your Prospects

Landlords start by acting cautious and that is good. When it comes to keeping tenants, it can become a big responsibility. Instead of learning things hard way, people develop trust issues. Most people often go for property management companies to run a trustworthy background check. Experts know how to deal with a bunch of prospects in the best way.

However, running proper inspections can help you get the history of the person in depth. The history of eviction or poor credit score will give you a good insight into a person’s life. Having a thorough inspection will make things so much easier to select the candidate.

Final Say

After that, you can finalize the applicant. You can either move on with the verification or finalize them without further delays. It will all depend upon you as a landlord. Go forward with the tenant screening as leaving this eminent step while picking the tenants can cause you a lot of trouble.


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