Role of colour trend forecasters

Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini

Trend forecasters are just like a broker in a share market, they analyse the whole market study it gets knowledge about the whole trend that is going on at that moment and then they give you and your company idea, which colour, the trend will be the best for the company. They cover a large area and a variety of industries completely analyses that and make reports that are filled with data, statistics.

What is a trend?

Humans have a nature that they don’t stick to one trend for too long, either they get bored or choose to opt for another trend. They have an ever-changing demand for trends whether it is related to fashion, décor, or color all the trends change depending upon the hype and season on-going. In summer seasons colour that provides a fresh vibe to eyes and surroundings in winters colours that are dark comes in trend. Today in this article Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini will talk about colour trends who and how are they managed and implemented. There are many steps but here are some most vital steps in the forecasting process

1- Trend management

A customer likes a company that has unique designs and when they know how and when to use them and rotate them. If you keep on producing a colour that is repetitive style that is repetitive you might lose your audience. So the most important step is to manage the trends and how and when to use them to their max potential

2- Trend identification and research  

Forecasters keep an eye on the trends what trends are going on and what trends should be implemented in near future. They have to do all the research about the trends so that they can implement them themselves.

3- Trend watching

Trend forecasters watch a trend grow, it’s time spam and the people the trend is attracting. They do all the hard work from witnessing the downshift of the trend to everything and analyse everything.

Trend levels 

Trends are usually categorized into three levels of life spans based on a different measures. Megatrends, the longest going trend that has a lifespan of 10-50 years globally that influence all areas of life. Macro trends relay a 5-10 year lifespan and identify specific major patterns born from the megatrend. Microtrends are some trends that stay 1-5 years and they are depended on the personal choice or behavior of the customer.

Trends change day by day it is hard to follow all of them but it is not impossible you just have to keep an eye on the ongoing trends and utilize them in your favour. Your company and you can boost up your engagements if you follow the right trends at the right time. Don’t be repetitive with your style, colour, and other things that can make people think that you and your company are boring and have no sense of trends. Just make sure to implement the right trend at the right trend or else you can lose your engagement.


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