Tips and Tricks To Save Money While Buying a New Mobile Phone Revealed

buying new mobile phone

Recently Apple has launched its latest mobile phone, iPhone 11 Pro. Every month several new smartphones are being launched such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

According to the latest report, the user of mobile phones across the world is supposed to be 5 billion in the coming times. That’s a huge market for phone makers. But you should not let the hype tempt you to buy a mobile phone unnecessarily. You should wait for the right time to come for the purchase.

There are many ways to save on a new mobile phone purchase. Let’s find out now:

Let Go Off Apple

Many people are obsessed with the Apple brand mobile phone. Whatever may come they will always go for Apple only. But the question is why only Apple? Is it about features and technology? If that is the case then there are many phone makers companies whose technology and feature are at par with Apple and their phones come at a lower price than Apple.

So, if you can get the same feature and technology at a lower price from a different company then why to spend extra money on Apple. Instead, you can save some money.

Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

You can sell your old phone and get a discount. Many companies are providing an exchange offer where they reduce the original price of the phone by taking your old phone.

Also, if you want you can sell your phone to any store and take cash which you can use to buy a new phone. But your phone should be in working condition.

Wait For Some Time

Nowadays people are so fascinated about smartphones that they want to purchase it on the first day itself. Here is the proof- Apple sold 9 million iPhones in just three days after its launch.

Many people who are enthusiastic about the latest technology don’t care about money and pay more amounts to get the phone as early as possible. If you are not among them then wait for the price to drop or sale to come so that you can save some money.

But still, if you want to purchase the phone and lack some amount then you can opt for a loan from a private lender like  There are many such lenders in the UK who provide different types of loans to people for purchases. You too can avail one for your mobile phone purchase.

Going For an Older Mobile Phone Model is Not a Bad Idea

If you don’t have the patience to wait for a price drop or sale to come, then you can go for an older model instead of a new one, because there is a very slight difference between the latest model and an older model. Until and unless new features added by the phone maker is outstanding, there is no benefit of buying the latest model. All the features available in the old model will be replicated in the new model and it will be priced at a higher cost, so it is better to buy an older version and save some money.

Shop Around For Sometime

Don’t just settle for the deal which you get from a company’s representative. Shop around on various e-commerce websites such as Wall-Mart, Amazon, etc. By shopping around, you can get the best deal and have a chance of getting the phone at a lower price than offered by the company’s outlet. And you could save some pounds.

What About Buying an Unlocked Phone?

Buying an unlocked mobile phone is the cheapest option available. But the extra charge is a bit high which cannot be afforded by everyone.

Unlocked means it works with many networks. The service provider company subsidies the cost of your phone and recover its money till the time you are with them. Due to this reason, smartphones look cheaper.

The advantage of this type of phone is that it can be used on any network. Also, it can be used in another country as well; you just need to purchase the SIM card in that country.


In conclusion, it can be said that there are many ways to save money while buying a new mobile phone. The smartphone market is very competitive today and the everyday new model comes up in the market. With the introduction of new model, the value of the old model goes down. Therefore, if you can keep patience for a few days or months, you can buy the same phone at a lower price in the future and save your money. And who doesn’t like to save money? Indeed, everyone.


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