Yes, You can still find actual Ninja Stars

Ninja Star

The world of weaponry is vast and creative, every civilization has created its tools and tricks to defend and attack. These weapons then become part of history for ages to come. One of these innovative civilizations in Central Asia, home to some of the deadliest weapons, including Ninja Stars. It is a star-shaped, sharp-pointed throwing disk that resembles a snowflake in shape, also known as the shuriken. They are normally made with heavy metals like brass and steel. they are meant to be thinly cut and designed to move through the air briskly and quickly.

Their main aim is to confound and confuse; usually throwing stars are aimed at the open flesh between the armors, like arms feet or neck, to inflict pain with speed, the star usually cuts and disappears immediately with great speed which leaves the opponent confused as to where the attack came from. 

Where Did these Ninja Stars Actually Come From?

Due to the stealthy nature of the weapon; ninja stars are often associated with ninjas, but they are actually not invented by ninjutsu practitioners. They were actually made and used by samurai soldiers in Okinawa, Japan during the military rule. Later the mechanism of the throwing star was modified to be used as ninja weapons in guerilla warfare. But the actual purpose and creation of throwing stars are foggy. They were a secret weapon made in seclusion, hence not much is known about who actually came up with them.

One thing is for sure, however, the ninja star for sale has become increasingly popular in modern times due to its prevalent use in martial arts techniques as well the widely celebrated Hollywood Kung Fu movies. There are some classic and some really eclectic designs of throwing stars that you can find in weapon shops. These are available even larger collections online on websites of weapon manufacturing companies such as Perfect Point that specializes in ninja stars. 

throwing stars for sale

Here are the Top 5 Best Chinese Throwing Stars to Have 

Although there are plenty of different weapons that still hold intrigue for people, especially ninja weapons, given their creativity and dangerous nature. But ninja throwing stars are definitely top of that list because they are fast, and lethal and beautifully designed. While it is illegal to possess Chinese throwing stars in public in the United States, they are still sold to martial arts practitioners, trainees, and most important weapon collectors. So if you want to train with throwing stars or collect them as novelty weapons, here are the top five best options of real ninja stars you can get. 

  • Zombie Hunter 6 Piece Throwing Star Set with Bio Pouch; starting from the best of the best, these Zombie Hunter throwing stars are specifically made for collectors as they are themed, and combined in a set which is appealing to anyone who is looking to expand their collection on a budget.
  • Dragon Ninja Star Four Piece Set Perfect Point Throwing Stars;
    speaking of collecting on a budget, here are some expertly made throwing stars that are every collector’s dream. Made from high-quality steel, these throwing stars have an awesome eclectic dragon design in the middle. Their black finish gives them an added aura of classiness.
  • 4 Piece 2 Tone Black Stainless Steel Assorted Throwing Stars with Pouch;
    another great collectible, these throwing stars are expertly carved and crafted and are perfect for the showcase as well as actual use. If they become part of your collection, they are ideal for mounting on walls in patterns that make them look even more appealing.
  • 6 Point Rainbow Titanium Coated Throwing Star with Pouch – 4″ Diameter;
    for the practical yet eclectic soul, this rainbow throwing star is the balanced mixture of fun and fear. This is still a fully functional ninja star, but the added rainbow sheen makes it a great collectible.  
  • 4MM Dragon Throwing Star Silver Color with 6 Points includes Nylon Sheath;
    if you want something simplistic and somber, then this dragon throwing star is for you. It is one of the choicest metal ninja stars you will find online, that has finesse and a little ornamentation, all in one, with Chinese words engravings on each sharp point.

These are just some of the best real ninja stars you will find out of the hundreds of designs that are available online to be ordered and delivered straight to your house. You can start your collection with the most affordable and decorative pieces available, without having to worry about draining your pocket to get impressive collectible weapons.   


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