5 Smart ways to make your clothes more Sustainable for Years


Do you take proper care of your expensive clothes? How often do you wash and clean them to keep in good condition for years? Well, natural dry cleaning and laundry service can help to maintain them for a long time. The professional cleaners at Master Dry Cleaners use a non-toxic option for dry cleaning that ensures to deliver top quality and clean and dirt-free clothes. It is extremely important to know how you can care for them in your everyday lives. Read on to know 5 tips to make the clothes maintain their longevity and use them comfortably.

Change your washing habits

You should wash clothes only when it is needed. Overwashing means the fibers may wear out soon and won’t last for a long time. So, if the garments have not been through an accidental spill or a sweaty workout, then you may calm down the washing. Airing and brushing can be sufficient for the clothes that aren’t very dirty. Another habit is you should wash clothes at a temperature of 30°C to 40°C which can be sufficient to make them look clean. For drying, avoid using tumble dryer and favor line drying as it can save energy and eliminate the heat as well as frictions happening in the dryer to lessen the lifespan of your

Check the labels on the clothes

Conventional laundry detergents consist of damaging ingredients that may cause negative effects on your health. This can range from throat and skin irritation to carcinogenicity. Besides, they can leave a bad impact on the environment as their toxicity may lead to algal blooms that can affect ecosystems and marine life negatively. Many non-toxic and eco-friendly detergents are available in the market that works really well than the conventional ones. Search for “local laundry pick up service near me” that will take your clothes and deliver guaranteed service for your money.

Filter out the microfibres 

When washing clothes made of acrylic, nylon, polyester, or other synthetic fibers, thousands of small microfibers fall from the garments. These usually go down the drains and end up in the oceans and waterways. Each year, washing clothes discharge almost half a million tonnes of microfibres that is somewhat equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles. The washing bags can prevent microplastic pollution and maintain the lifespan of clothes.

Stitch before you may ditch 

Nothing is completely broken and the older it becomes, the more expensive it is. Your clothes should be able to reveal your story and should be given more value with time. When it is about mending clothes, you obviously want to amend the norm. Rather than replacing old garments with new ones, try to repair the one you have. Clothes are definitely worth buying, wearing and of course, worth repairing. Hence, the most sustainable choice for fashion is using clothes that are there in the wardrobe. Sometimes, you have to adjust the shape of an item even if the fit is not perfect or it is something to try out for a new lease of life.

Make switch to wet cleaning

Your clothes require getting them cleaned by a professional. For this, one thing you can do is to quit dry cleaner and choose a professional wet cleaner. With conventional dry cleaning, it is not actually dry but includes soaking the clothes in a petroleum-based solvent known as Perchlorethylene(“Perc”), which is a health and environmental hazard. By using biodegradable and non-toxic detergents with water, the machine uses less energy than the traditional clothes cleaners. The results for your fresh and soft garments can lessen the exposure to unwanted chemicals in your daily life. Wet cleaning has a positive impact on the clothes while dry cleaning may damage clothes and deteriorate the fabric fibers due to high temperatures and harsh chemicals used in the process. Besides, wet cleaning enables the clothes to last longer by using natural detergents and lower temperatures.

Thus, you need to protect your skin, clothes, and the planet to give your favorite wardrobe additional love and care so that you can use them for many years. Make sure you look for “the best dry cleaners near me in London” so that they can carry out all your dry cleaning works for your costly attire and you can be assured of getting good results from them.


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