How To Become Lord Of The Ring In MMA Manager 2

MMA Manager

Games are said to help relax the mind, brain, and body. It also helps you gain more skills and sharpens the intelligence quotient (IQ), especially in games with a challenge like MMA Manager 2. This game helps your cognitive abilities to be improved, your multi-tasking ability becomes improved, you can make the right decision on time, able to solve problems easily, and improve your logical reasoning. You can also put your managing skills to work with this game, says David Thunder Cummings.

An MMA competition with no good fighters is not worth watching, that is why MMA Manager 2 is only focused on fighters( virtual) and not only fighters but good fighters who can influence the competition. The most interesting and challenging part of this game is that as a player you have to employ trainers, and coaches, purchase equipment, gym, and hire fighters. Each fighter has their skills and they are dynamic from each other. Being able to recognize their skills and distribute them appropriately will help you with the basics of the game. Once you can do that, you become the lord of the MMA ring. Working on the techniques and various strategies is very important in this game. To help you understand and know more about this game and become the lord of the ring, below are some tips

Tips for Becoming the Lord of the Ring

Choose a heavy fighter

Generally, if a fighter has a heavy weight and the opponent is lighter, the possibility of the heavy-weight fighter winning the fight is very high. Why? The strength and health of the fighter are high and with this quality, you get to win the fight in a short time and earn your points.

Manage your skills properly

Managing your skills is a wise thing to do when playing MMA manager 2, the only point you have is 25 skill points when you hire a fighter. Your main focus should be improving your fighter skills like elbows, high kicks, and punches. Also, their defense skills have to be at maximum, when your defense skills are high you have more advantage over your opponent. To understand your fighter skills properly, below are highlights of different skills.

Offensive skill: it consists of punches, submission, takedown, ground grabbing, and clinch walk. All these skills are very important for a fighter to have. It makes a fighter gain control of the match, therefore these skills are important for a fighter to win.

Defensive skills: for example kick defense is a great skill to have against different attacks. What you have to do is monitor your opponent before you can put any defense skills into use. As mentioned earlier, kick defense can be used against a powerful kick from an opponent, whereas you cannot use it against a takedown. So it is very important to know when to use your defensive skills when fighting with an opponent.

Specific attacks: these are some attacks that cannot be used every time but at a specific time. It can be used to damage your opponent directly, for example using your elbow can be a powerful tool and also high kick can also be of good use.

Gym upgrade

As a manager, it is essential to have your gym upgraded to a world-class qualified gym. A gym with upgraded equipment provides the basic needs for training for your fighter. Looking after your fighter should be your priority as a manager. In the future, if you need to hire more fighters and your gym is not upgraded there will be a problem, for this purpose a gym with big space is to be gotten to accommodate your fighters.

Select your talent wisely

Talents are used when the fight becomes tougher and this can only be unlocked when you reach level 3. The importance of talent is to give you specific power to conquer your opponent. In this game, there are six talents in total and each talent can be acquired from level 3 upward.

Study your opponent and create a game plan

To win a fight, you should have done research on your opponent before mounting the ring. Statistics on the strengths and weaknesses should be analyzed, when this is done you can always adapt some strategies against your opponent’s skills to conquer your opponent. As a manager, it is important to study your opponent.

Relentless training

As you advance in your matches you get to meet the tougher opponent and to stay in the ring more training is needed. As an MMA manager, you need to keep training your fighter to improve your fighter skills. You need to study your fighters well to know the type of skills they need. Therefore training that corresponds to the skills they lack should be put in place.

Final words

To become a good manager, your fighter’s wellness, fitness, skills, and training should be your priority. When all these mentioned above are put in place, the possibility of your fighter winning is high. Remember that training your fighter is paramount, says David Thunder Cummings.


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