Top 5 Secret Call Recorder Apps For Android 2021

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Did you ever wish after ending an important call that you should have recorded the conversation for later? Well, that can be an important business call with a client, a call from a loved one, or any call that contained important data for your personal use. It is normal to think like that. I am not talking about sneakily recording the call. Just like mentioned above there are many possible reasons to record a call conversation for a legitimate reason.

Many devices offer built-in services to record a phone call. Well if you own such a device good for you But lately this feature is not seen anymore. In such circumstances comes the use of an app particularly a spy app to record calls. How long or short the respective call is, a good spy app will record the conversation for its users, and that too in high quality.

Secret call recording apps generally work simply. With just a few clicks, the user can have a record of any incoming or outgoing call content remotely. You can use the secret call recorder app for security purposes, legal formalities, or work as well. However, don’t cross the line of legal and illegal use. Most of the secret spy apps offer services as parental control and employee monitoring. parental-control usage involves monitoring of minor children by parents or guardians, similarly, it is completely fine to use the spy app by employers through the company-owned device for a work-related purpose only. We recommend you check your state’s laws and policies before buying the monitoring software.

The top 5 secret call recorder apps for android are as follows–


On top of our list is the OgyMogy spy app. This is not your typical secret call recorder app as this spy app offers many other features for its users. Call recording is one of the important features. The app is a cloud base app that means all the recordings are saved on the dashboard. User has given access to the online dashboard whenever they want. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls of your teenager or employees and know about the content with the use of the call recording feature. The feature can be used by a businessman to keep a check on the employees and customer calls. You can even use the app to monitor the information desk employee performance and evaluate their dealing with the clients. Make sure you record any important business-related deal so that in case anything goes wrong in the future you have the details of the call for guidance.

Ogymogy spy app also helps to keep a check on the instant messenger chat apps audio and video calls as well. So in short it is a complete package.

Cube Acr:

It is one of the call recorder apps in the market that offer services for android only. Automatic call recording service and access to contacts are some of the main features of this app.

Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

As the name clearly shows this app automatically records the call of the target device. It is an easy-to-use spy app as it offers a simple interface thus any kind of user can use the app to keep records of calls of their teenagers or employees. Another important point about this app is that it offers cloud backup of all the data to its users. That means you can access the data from the portal whenever you want and don’t have to worry about the storage of the monitoring data.

Black Box Call Recorder:

If you are into a modern sleek interface then this app is your app. The modern user interface makes the app look very attractive. The app keeps the record of all the incoming and outgoing call data and also sorts the file in sequence. However, the app is free but it has got in-app purchases. So in case you are not ready for that, you should switch to another app.

Call X:

Call X is another call recording app. It offers both manual and automatic recording of calls. That means you are in charge of recording. So on the manual mode, you can skip the recording if you don’t want the app to record the call content of any incoming or outgoing call. It is a simple app and contains an in-app purchase.


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