Track Your Loved Ones with Powerful Cellphone Spy App


The cell phone spy apps are sought by employers and parents primarily for monitoring all the activities of their target users. Employers want to monitor their employees while parents want to monitor their kid’s activities.

For protecting all the concerns of employers and parents, the experts suggest the use of cell phone spy app for ensuring the protection and security of the respective interests of the end-users.

There are a lot of such solutions that seek to record all the activities of the target users over their cell phones, but none of them offer a comprehensive deal. But there is a service that seeks to address all the issues and concerns of employers in monitoring the activities of their target users for the greater good.

Let’s discuss Cellphone Spy App

The service is known as TheOneSpy. The Cell phone spy app can be installed on the iPhone and Android devices without any hassle, after buying the subscription of the spy app.

No other service currently offers cell phone monitoring service for both iPhone and Android operating systems. The app can be installed by following the installation instructions. If the end-user faces difficulty in installing the application to the target device, the customer support of TheOneSpy is available 24/7.

The end-user needs to earn physical access to the target device at least once in order to install the application in the target device. The cell phone spy app takes up all the spying activities without providing any clue to the target employee or kid.

The end-user must need to abide by the local public and state laws to ensure the lawful and legitimate use of the service. The features of the spy app are state of the art and look to address all the concerns of the parents and employers by all means.

Let’s take a look at the features:

Location tracking

This feature of the spy app is remarkable. It allows the end-user to identify the real-time movement and location of the target user at any point time. Actually, the feature works by maintaining a log of all the movement of the target user, in this way, every time when the target user even moves an inch, the end-user can know.

The log file tracking all the movement of the target user can be accessed from the online dashboard of the spy app. The end-user can view the log to know about the pattern of movement of the target user.

Geo-fencing the movement

This feature is the most promising of all the offerings of the cell phone spy app. The end-user i.e. can restrict the movement of the intended user to certain premises by assigning the areas as ‘allowed’ and ‘forbidden’ zones to go for the target user.

In this manner, the parent can restrict the movement of the child to crime-prone areas where there is a possibility of the child involving in criminal activities.

Besides this, the employer can limit the movement of the employee to the competitor’s place. In this way, the employer will be able to protect the business secrets.

Using this feature, every time the target user tries to get into forbidden areas, the end-user gets a notification through email.

Surround recording

This feature actually works to find out the true reflection and spirit of the surrounding activities of the target user. The feature bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device to record the sounds and all other surrounding activities around the target device.

In this way, the end-user will be able to know what the target user is up to in the true essence of activities.

Screen recording

The feature can be used to record all the live performing screen activities on the target device. The end-user can even assign the app to record the activities of the target user over a certain application.

Thus, the cell phone spy app records the short videos according to end-users instructions and saved these videos to the online dashboard.

By viewing those videos, the end-user can know about the true spirit of activities of the target user.

Website blocking

The parent and employer can block a number of websites for the target user, if they are considered as crime-prone platforms, and if considered to have the presence of cybercriminals that impact the respective interests of the businesses or families.


The best cell phone spy app that can address all the concerns of the parents and employers is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on android and iPhone devices.


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