SEO Progressing within the Bubble of Cloud Hosting Environment

It’s all about servers, networking, storage, databases, and cloud hosting and would be in 2020. There has been a paradigm shift in the way businesses are carried on. But there are many reasons why the IT resources shifted to cloud computing as it has eliminated capital expenses at quite a significant level. With the help of cloud hosting a vast amount of cloud computing resources can be provisioned in minutes. These services run on a worldwide network of data centers that are upgraded continuously as per the requirements.

Since long cloud hosting services are backing up data, recovering for disasters for business continuity. Lately, it has been impacting SEO and bringing good changes in it. Improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings can be a hefty task sometimes and required external help. Here comes cloud hosting to its rescue.

The very main factor that acts essentially is the page loading speed. But this is no more a problem with the help of cloud hosting services. It is off the checklist. Apart from improving the loading speeds, it has transformed the website’s organic search. It has now become an interim part of SEO and giving robust growth. But this is just an introduction, there are many more advantages.

Google has also become very smart in targeting international traffic and thus it has become more difficult to rank higher in foreign parts for a website running over a single domain. Whereas with the case of a website running over a network of global servers does not have a strict geographic footprint. This improves the international recognition and thus increases the ranking subsequently. Geotargeting is the way Google is a way ahead of the competition by serving the optimum search results. Thus it has proved to be one of the most reliable and secure platforms to search for anything. Meanwhile, if you shift to cloud hosting service then you are taking ranking very seriously for sure.

Now let’s dive into other benefits that cloud hosting brings in SEO-

Website loading speed- As mentioned before that cloud hosting improves website loading speed that is reflected in the user experience. And as the SEO score improves then the UX (User Experience) rating also progresses exponentially. This is how cloud hosting acts to be one of the significant factors for improving the website’s SEO. Hence, if you being the website owner who want to improve the user-friendliness chose your cloud hosting service provider very carefully. A good cloud hosting service provider will be acquainted with the understanding of how to effectively distribute the online resources. Business owners also now have started investing a lot in the SEO department to bring in better results.

  • Cloud Host Location – Cloud host location is insignificant and this is what SEO can take benefit of. Cloud hosting location comes into the counter when the searching location comes into the picture. The main search engines refine the searches according to the servers that may be hosted locally and calculates the page ranking accordingly. Although a website hosted over the cloud and its ranking are independent of the server location. Hence, it makes easy for the companies associated with these websites that they can select any cloud hosting service provider irrespective of its geographic presence. You will get a better idea through an example. Like let’s say a search has been performed in the US, but the top results can be a website from anywhere let’s say in Asia. Simultaneously the top-ranked website can be hosted in Australia at the same time. This has brought the advantage of cost flexibility. One can opt for services from anywhere that might suit their budget.
  • Value-added Protection– Malicious bots are good enough to degrade the ranking of your website in no time. They are capable of infecting your website from the very source and most of the people don’t even know much about these mischievous bots. But with a well-organized cloud hosting provider, you don’t have to worry about these bots. The onus lies on your cloud hosting provider to guard your website with double-layer protection. With this, your top ranking is gone nowhere.
  • Additional benefits- When it comes to additional benefits reliability and scalability tops the list. Crawling down of websites is not a case with the cloud-hosted website. Scalability is also something it offers i.e. pay for what you use. Due to this cloud hosting is surprisingly affordable. The money saved can be further invested in other SEO activities like promotions and web development. Once websites taste the flavor of cloud hosting there are no chances of server breakdown and cannot shift back to any other web hosting services.

In a nutshell, better reliability and the ability to provide first-hand resolutions to multiple problems have changed the whole procedure now websites workout. Except for the direct, there are so many indirect benefits to it. This ensures that selecting the accurate cloud hosting provider should be the first and foremost task to boost up your website.


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