Techindia Software Improves The SEO Visibility And Incoming Links For A Leading Ecommerce Store Dealing In Health Care Products


TechIndia Software was recently engaged by a leading eCommerce store to offer eCommerce SEO services. The store has embarked on a 2 year digital marketing strategy and was a seeking a reputed vendor that had expertise and hands-on experience in eCommerce SEO.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Improve the SEO visibility:

This score shows how visible a website is in search engines. The store was concerned whether its PageSpeed and performance were upto the mark or not as they were experiencing a very high bounce rate.

  • Increase the number of incoming links:

The store wanted to increase organic traffic to its website with a link-building strategy.

  • Improve technical SEO:

An audit of the eCommerce store was required to improve to evaluate its website architecture and site layout especially look into factors such as HTTPS, mobile friendliness and 404 errors that can affect website performance.

  • Improve performance:

The store wanted to achieve a page speed score of more than 80 for both mobile and desktop so that they could fulfill their customer expectations of a page loading under 2 seconds.

  • On-page SEO:

The store was facing challenges in the URL structure, H-tags (headings and sub-headings)and content for the various landing pages. It wanted to optimize its content (at least 300 words) for the keywords that it had planned to target and publish on its landing page.

  • Social media promotional strategy

The store was looking for a social media promotional strategy to spread awareness for a variety of health care products

Solution proposed by TechIndia Software:

The SEO experts at TechIndia Software planned and implemented strategies to drive traffic to the store and help increase conversion ratio. The main features of the solution were as follows:

  • Very prominent online presence with different types of variety of SEO activities.
  • Extensive keyword research and planning to drive organic traffic to store.
  • Off page and on optimization with required changes to improve sales.
  • Building solid brand reputation with a holistic social media marketing strategy.
  • Targetted Google Ads campaign with right audience in focus.
  • PPC marketing and HTML Optimization.
  • Link building strategy to drive organic traffic to the store.
  • Overall close supervision and management of web traffic analysis and keyword ranking activities.

Result of the campaign:

The eCommerce SEO services rendered in the campaign generated very good results for the eCommerce store that can be summarised as follows:

  • Significant improvement in building organic traffice to the site resulting in online sales. This was reflected in a the form of a higher CRO being achieved for the eCommerce store.
  • Specific increase in website website traffic and sales by 50% in last 2 months.
  • Improvement of store’s visibility on social media platforms with the help of a well-planned and properly implemented digital marketing strategy.
  • Improvement in the brand reputation of the store.
  • Effective and result oriented PPC campaign.
  • Significant improvement in ranking of the site due to planned and searched keywords.


TechIndia Software did a decent job with their eCommerce SEO services on this project. Their expert team has a good understanding of SEO and is aware that there is no one single solution approach that meets all situations. There are several variables that impact the performance of a website and each one has to be addressed separately.

They are aware that there is still a lot to optimise to, and the journey towards a high-performing page can be difficult and time-consuming.




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