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personal health care

With the world advancing faster than any other era before, people have gotten busier. With most of the time spent at the office or some other working site. Who would be there for an elderly parent or a grandparent, or a patient recovering from an injury, or a disabled family member with special needs? One can’t leave them unattended.

Reasons to Hire Personal Care Service

Such cases need full-time assistance and not every family has children who can dedicate their 24 hours to offer care services. Moreover, some families might need a part-time service, so the caretaker can do other work or maybe just relax. There are some reasons that Personal Care Services are offered by professionally trained and qualified nurses. 

Following are some reasons why Home Care Services are/should be hired.

  • Special Assistance Required:

Elderly, patients or disabled people have special needs and thus require professional assistance. A family member like a son or daughter might look after their ill parent, but they are amateurs and most of the time don’t understand the medical requirements. Taking care of patients recovering from a disease needs qualified nurses, who know what goes where when offering Personal Health Care Services.  

  • Busy Family Members:

Home Care Services require a 24/7 presence of the caretaker, which is impossible for most people, because of jobs, household activities, universities, etc. Therefore, families hire Personal Care Services to make life easier for themselves and give the required attention and professional care to the elderly/patient.

  • Can Stay Home:

Most people due to their busy schedule send their old parents or disabled patients to a nursing home to be able to get proper Home Health Aide Services. It is a proven fact that people recover better in the comfort of their own homes. Elder citizens are sadder and lead a depressed life when taken away from their homes. People around their family feel better, happier, and lead a cheerful life, as compared to those who live away from their loved ones. 

  • Choose Their Schedule:

By hiring these services, one will be the master of their own life and will decide their routine. Unlike nursing homes, where one gets to follow a strict daily routine, which sort of takes away one’s independence.

  • Expert Home Health Aide Services:

Qualified trained nurses are sent to people with special needs, who know how to handle emergencies. Furthermore, they can monitor the medical conditions of the patients and strive to better their health conditions. 

  • Extensive Service:

Home Care Service providers can help in day to day activities of a person, no matter how mundane, but are difficult or unable to perform. Like,

    • Bathing
    • Dressing
    • Help them eat
    • Reminding medications 
    • House chores like doing groceries, cooking healthy meals, paying bills, etc.
    • Grooming, like cutting their nails, brushing their hair and teeth.
    • Help in socializing, and taking out to parks or family gatherings, by taking public transport or driving them to the place, to cheer them up. 
    • Professional services might also include arranging social gatherings and activities, so those bound to their homes due to old age or some ailment can make new or meet old friends.
  • Health Care Services:

Home Health Aide Services are most famous for their expert health care assistance. Nurses are trained to look after the well-being of old people and patients. They can control serious pains in patients and easily understand the recommendations of doctors. 

Moreover, Personal Health Care Services send doctors to check on the general health conditions of people that need special medical care. 

  • A Companion For The Lonely:

Personal Care Service providers send experienced caretakers, who will be emotionally available for these bed-bound people. It is believed that having a person listen to one’s problems has a huge impact on the well-being of one’s mental health. The better the conversation, the more are the chances to feel better. A caretaker, who looks after you all the time becomes a close companion, who might act as an emotional therapist most of the time.

  • Quick Recovery: 

Those who suffer from a disease or are recovering from an injury are more likely to become sad and depressed due to being bound to one room and having to lead a monotonous daily routine. The chances to have degradation in mental health will be more when away from home and family. Personal Health Care Services has an edge over nursing homes, as people get to stay in the comfort of their homes and still get the best care.

  • Cost-effective:

Personal Care Services are more affordable than nursing homes, which can cost up to $350 per day, on the contrary, professional caretakers for home health aide services will only charge $24 per hour. Charging hourly helps families hire services only for a few hours that is until they are out for work or other activities. 


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