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Michael telvil - Direct Mail Marketing

Lines, shapes and colors. Alone, they mean nothing. But blended together by an exacting hand, and they can work magic. Also opening doors to sell a lot of product to a whole new clientele. Michael Telvi has worked his magic for his own clients. His dedication has brought bright futures to many of his clients. Michael brings decades of experience in Direct Mail Marketing and understanding to each strategy in every project. He is diligent and has the ability to create integrated marketing strategies, which is a blend of “conventional” marketing (such as direct mail) – have resulted in even better results for his clients, compared to using solely online or offline tools.

Michael Telvi sits down with his clients and makes sure he knows exactly who they are looking to target. With this information he begins his research making sure he is hitting the right audience with the campaign he builds for each business. Once he has completed his research he begins to gather the addresses and gets ready to send out the campaigns hitting people your company actually wants. With having something that is eye catching and informational expect calls left and right with new leads. Michael Telvi also knows over thousands of people move every day. He is able to gather that information and make sure you have hit the right address of the right person therefore not wasting money on an ad that will be thrown away.

Michael Telvi has an awesome team of developers who have made it easy for his clients to integrate any software you like to this system. Allowing you to use simple blasts with the campaign he has built. Leaving his clients with OPTIONS. He can print, prepare the mail, and ship directly to the postal service. Completely hands and frustration free so you can focus on growing your business. Michael’s goal has always been to make things as fast and easy for his clients as possible.
Michael Telvi is the best person to hire for your direct mail. From listening to your ideas from concept to completion to throwing in a touch of his own professional ideas he makes your direct mail experience one work investing in.


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