HubSpot: A True Review after One Month


What is HubSpot?

Some people say that the HubSpot is a business growth platform, some consider it as a CRM platform. But really what I understand after using it is that it is an online software platform that can help or make you easy to get some visitors that could probably convert in potential customers. I have used many CRMs in the past but the features that this CRM provides are incredible.

HubSpot CRM contains:

1. Marketing Hub: – Marketing hub contains all desired marketing software
2. Sales Hub: – Sales hub contains all in one sale software
3. Service Hub: – Service hub consists of all customer services software

And, believe me, HubSpot gives you all these services are absolutely for free.


How you can reach to HubSpot Login Page?

Why I am discussing this thing here? Because many people including me think that there might be some trick or it will ask for your Credit Card details first before getting the free package.

No, here we are wrong!

It is clearly mentioned that neither your credit card is required nor your bank details while signing up for a free package.

You can simply login by clicking this link for a free package.

So, you can enjoy many free services. That is provided paid by many CRM service providers.

Why HubSpot CRM Wins the Race?

HubSpot CRM is a CRM software that has free tools for everyone and it is 100% Free.


Whether you are a sales leader, salespeople, marketers, customer support team, operation managers, and business owners.

With this CRM, you can have full visibility into your sales funnels in real-time with a visual dashboard and a detailed report on sales activity. The best part is that you can enjoy unlimited users, data with no expiration date.

You can give your sales team this handy tool to close more deals with less work. Your contact records can automatically enrich the data from over 20 million businesses working online.

Free Features!

Email tracking & notification, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, live chat, contact management, deals & tasks, company insights, pipeline management, Chabot builder and many more.

What is HubSpot Academy?

If you are learning or a beginner in the internet marketing world or want to open a new online business with no experience in eCommerce or online marketing.

No problem!

HubSpot provides you an opportunity to join its free quick and practical courses so that you can grow your career as well as your business. There are 4 popular courses:

1. Marketing: – The course will teach you about the marketing trends from leading experts you should consider to grow your business or to promote your brand online.
2. Sales: – In this course, you will discover tips about inbound sales and actionable tips to convert your clients in your next call.
3. Services: – In this course, you will learn about to make converting funnels to flywheel models that will place your customers in the middle of your business.
4. Tutorial: – This course consists of several strategies that you can implement to do effective online marketing.

Does It Provide Certification for these courses?


And it is Free!!!

You heard it right.


Now you might have got the answers of the 3 questions that are frequently asked by the people on Forums and Q/A websites.

What does HubSpot CRM do?
Is HubSpot CRM any good?
What is included in HubSpot free?

When we are having many features in a free plan, why one should go with paid plans?

Yes, you are thinking right. But according to me, if you have to win the race or want your sales to funnel to act as a magnet for your potential customers.

A paid plan can act as a magnet for your business.

HubSpot Pricing: How much does it cost per month?

There are many plans that you can consider according to your needs. Such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and the CMS.

You can consider the bundle plans as well if you want to include all key features of marketing, sales, and service.

HubSpot CMS (or HubSpot Content Management System) provides you the opportunity to create landing pages, blogposts. It also provides you the features of SEO & content strategy, calls-to-action, smart content, live chat, conversational bots, forms and many more.

You can check out the plans here.

The Contact Support team in 24X7 is there to help you via live chat, on-call whether you are from any region or country of the world.


According to my reviews after one month of usage, it is a great platform that everyone should use. A great tool for any kind of business whether you are a brand, a small business or planning to start a business. Beginners or who are new to online/internet marketing can go with their absolutely free certification courses. It contains something for everyone in its various modules.


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