Interested in SEO? Start by Ditching these 6 Bad Habits


Among the strategies of digital marketing of a brand, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important. It helps in increasing the traffic of your website on Bing, Yahoo, and Google and you can also earn money by using that traffic. New changes always occur in the techniques of doing SEO and we must be aware of it. There are so many bad habits present in the optimizers at the top, which are optimizing the websites. Breaking these bad habits is not an easy task. You can ditch some of the bad habits while doing SEO in today’s modern world and 6 of these bad habits are:

1. Submission of the article to the industry directories

Initially, the industry directories were receiving the content so that a number of points could be scored by SEO. But it has been over now as this technique is no more useful. People thought that by doing this they can get backlinks easily in order to boost their SEO. But instead of getting backlinks, trashy, spammy and low-quality material was received by the directories. As a result, the SEO algorithms’ directories became de-prioritized and this practice came to an end.

2. If the architecture of the URL is flat

The users of WordPress may be taking an interest in this. The method of putting the URL in WordPress was: first write the domain name and then the URL of the page should be placed after it. For example: 1
The new structure of URL after improvement: 1/topic 1/page 1
Giving the details about the relation of pages with each other and your content’s hierarchy to the search algorithms was the basic idea behind this. It was considered good for SEO but not for WordPress. After publishing you have to make adjustments in this.

3. If keyword stuffing occurs

The optimizers of search engines were using this trick to enhance the ranking of the websites. There was an overloading of the numbers, phrases, and keywords on the pages of the website. If you think that a visitor visiting your site feels very good after seeing keyword stuffing then you are wrong. Your site can be penalized for doing this and so its ranking can also be lowered. Today’s trend is that we have to make the use of keyword modifiers and keywords must not be repeated so many times. The bots present in the search engines can easily catch you if you are stuffing your content with keywords. You have to make the appropriate use of the keywords and content should be valuable also.

4. Linking and posting comments

There was a time when the people having sites believed that by linking to other sites and commenting in their comments section, they can also get publicity if the audience of that website starts looking at their website also. A lot of time is wasted by doing this. This type of commenting is always considered as spam and it is useless now. You will not be able to increase your followers doing this.

5. For variations in keyword create pages separately

You have to use targeted keywords simply for getting good search engine rankings. If there are variations in the keywords then what will you do? Is it possible that these keywords with variations can be included in the newly created pages? But by creating pages separately for these keywords you are making a big mistake. If the search terms have similarities then these can easily be detected by the search engines because today’s search engines are having advanced features. If you are using several contents having similarity and putting those contents on a number of pages then the search engine can penalize you for having duplicate content.

6. Impact of meta descriptions on SEO

Do meta descriptions affect your SEO? If you think about it considering today’s trend then the result is that it has no effect on SEO. It is a possibility that the click-through rate of your link can be improved if your meta description is optimized. But rankings of the search engines can not be improved by the only description. However, the ranking of a page can be improved if the click-through rate is higher but the text can not play that role. So, you should stop wasting a lot of time optimizing content.

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