How Online Marketing will trend in 2020?

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Keeping ahead of digital/online marketing trends in today’s business seems more difficult than ever for most marketers and businesses. Marketing technology is growing at a very fast rate, consumer needs and behavior seems difficult to predict than ever. What happens to marketers and businesses who want to stay relevant in a highly competitive business world? The fact is marketing trends is what it is. There will always be new innovations, improved technology, developed strategies, and higher consumer expectations driving the good old methods and techniques into a nut.

Technology and society are growing at a fast-paced rate than human efforts to capitalize on it. Running up the scale to keep up with the trend is not the way out. As a marketer, sharpen your eagle -eye, be on the lookout for what’s new, incorporate what works for you in order to stay ahead of the game. That is why, an online marketing company based in Dubai, that has worked with successful online marketing worldwide has provided an essential guide to help businesses keep up. Return to some of the iconic important trends that make 2019 an exciting journey and hitting the new decade with full force.

Technology is Shaping the Industry

The rise of technology is not only having a great impact on our daily lives, but industries are also not left out. Technology is growing at a fast rate and there are so many ways in which businesses can leverage these trends to grow their business.

Artificial Intelligence

In case you don’t know, artificial intelligence is already topping the list of savvy marketers and brands alike and will continue to be the core of successful business this year and years to come. AI is a way of making machines performs tasks that will otherwise be done by humans. In view of online marketing, think of communication, predicting feelings and behaviors, problem-solving, processing and understanding human language. AI performs many functions than you can imagine and it’s no surprise that businesses are investing in it.

It performs data-driven tasks, read consumer behaviors and previous search patterns in order for companies to know consumer’s perspectives and perceptions about their products.

AI helps business to deliver the right message to the right people and provide a solution to the problem they already have. This includes personalized ads and contents through the abundance of data generated.

Gone are the days where only big brands can incorporate AI, small business can now harness this technology to serve their consumer better and make life easier. Businesses who are yet to take the plunge might be at a disadvantage in years to come.


Chatbots have been around for a while now and they are here to stay. Involving in real-time communication day or night, resolving issues and solving problems, this AI-based technology is sure a powerful tool.

Research has shown that 80 percent of businesses will use chatbot this coming year, 90% of consumers prefer doing business that replies to queries on time. 35% of consumers have already made a purchase with the help of the chatbot.

Chabot is making life easier for businesses. These bots involve in conversation with humans and provide solutions. Keeping up with the overflowing communication can be challenging(if not impossible)- one thing chatbot finds easy. Moreover, they provide an automated cost-effective way to reach consumers, communicate with the audience and meet their personalized needs. Chatbot is your real-time salesperson providing improved user experience, 24/7 support without getting tired. If used correctly, data generated can be used to provide a better experience and generate leads.

Virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR)

Consumers getting sophisticated and in need of personalized experience, thanks to the rise in technology and social media. These are the driving force for marketers to explore new avenues, enhance consumer experience and boost sales.

75 percent of big brands have already tap into the world of virtual reality and more will still dive into it in coming years. Virtual reality transposes us to a different world and it is a term that juxtaposes “virtual and real”. With AR, consumers can now feel, hear and experience the real-world of products just with the use of their phones.

AR and VR are the new waves in the business world. Holoroom and IKEA VR based app that allows consumers to see how products and furniture will look like in their “real” homes. That’s AR at work. Ever seen a 360 degree VR films or videos popping up on your social platforms? The likes of airways room virtual reality tour, New York Times visual storytelling, MacDonald’s meal Happy Goggles and many more.

These technologies come with heavy price tags and can be more reasons why many businesses are yet to join in the revolution. However, this is set to become more available in the coming years and brands can take advantage of it to improve customer experience.

Content is King

We live in a world where consumers consume content, read reviews, read information about a product or service before making buying decisions. No wonder business is leveraging personalized content, content ads, video marketing, social media posts and much more.

A strategic marketing approach based on creating and distributing relevant consistent content. What’s the aim? To drive the customer into action in order to improve sales. 68% of all content marketers have successfully used content to build trust and their brand’s credibility. Contents marketing leads generated tripled outbound marketing in a recent survey. Moreover, 50 percent of consumers prefer video content more than any other type.

Videos and podcasts are valuable content resources that are yet to be untapped by many, yet the values can not be underestimated. With the fall in the price of production equipment, creating high-quality videos are made simple and easier. Now is the time for businesses to tap into these opportunities.

In addition to the trends mentioned above, social commerce and working with social media influencers will help connect to consumers and drive sales. Moreover, voice search, shoppable ads, and posts will dominate the marketing space this year. Hence, marketers need to fuel up their marketing efforts and take the necessary steps needed for success.


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