What is The Cheapest Online Storage in 2021?

Cheapest Online Storage

Storing files and documents online is very much essential, but they are also quite expensive. If your documents are heavy in size and your needs broadly vary from GB to TB, then storing those files can be costly. 

Great storage plans and impressive features are standard parameters to look at in online storage platforms. However, the privacy of the storage platform and the security of the system in which it is downloaded deems more important. For example, Mediafire is one such cheap online storage, but if Mediafire is safe to download, that should be the paramount criterion for judging the online storage platforms.

Is Mediafire The Cheapest Online Storage Of 2021?

Considering the storage space provided for the users, the pricing plan of Mediafire is beautiful. The introductory price is $0.00, which provides up to 10 GB of userspace, and the bandwidth is unlimited. 

Hence, people whose storage needs are limited in MBs and GBs can access this online storage platform for free. On the other hand, the pro package of Mediafire is priced from $3.75 to $5.00 per month, and it provides up to 10 TB of usable space, including unlimited bandwidth. 

Such an attractive offer makes it hard for other cloud storage platforms to compete with Mediafire. Finally, the business package of Mediafire costs $40-$50 per month, and it provides up to 100 TB of usable space, including unlimited bandwidth. Hence, for people whose user needs vary from MB to TB, they can access this storage platform significantly lower than others in the market.

Is Mediafire A Safe Platform To Download From?

Mediafire is a safe storage platform for 92% of users, but the security measures in Mediafire are not something to take pride in. It can make some users paranoid, but the minimal security measure is standard in several cloud storage platforms and not only in Mediafire. 

Furthermore, this storage option has no encryption setting for your files, while the end-to-end encryption is a quintessential thing for many such file storing and file-sharing platforms. 

It means that when the files are being transferred to Mediafire, there is zero security option for them to prevent any virus attack. You can only apply a password on your shared link, but you have to pay money for accessing this option. For the basic Mediafire package, which comes free of cost, there is neither any two-factor authentication setting nor any security when the files are uploaded on the Mediafire server. 

So, is Mediafire safe to download from? Since Mediafire does not try to own your content in any way, the answer is yes. But, you must take a few measures to make sure the files you download from this server do not hamper your device. 

How To Increase The Security Of Your Device While Downloading Files From Mediafire?

Mediafire allows you to unlink the machines, and you can still access your file from any other device if they have a stable internet connection. For example, if you do not want your computer to be linked to Mediafire, but you need some files to download, you can easily connect them with your smartphone and access them. 

However, suppose you choose to unlink your laptop as you feel that is more important to you. In that case, you will have to pass for verification before Mediafire lets you access the files stored there, increasing its security.

Turn on any antivirus software installed in your machine or turn on the Windows Defender Firewall in your computer to increase the security of your files. If you press the Windows+R key in the Run program, you will receive the option to turn on and off the firewall.

You can also choose to back up your files regularly because it is crucial to protect your files from any possible threats. In that case, even if you lose some files because of an unpredicted virus attack, you can get them back using the backup option. 

Finally, scanning the files is always the best way to ensure those files contain no virus. Unfortunately, as Mediafire does not provide any additional security measure for downloading files, it may possess virus attacks. Therefore, if you scan them and see some files showing threats, you can delete them to protect the rest of your files.


We would like to conclude that Mediafire is undoubtedly the cheapest online storage platform in 2021 because of its higher userspace provision in the low-price facilities. But, we need to measure the security of the forum before we download files from them. 

And, for that purpose, we have recommended a few actions, and by applying those, you should not face any other security problems while using this platform. But, you can always opt for some alternatives like GoogleDrive and DropBox if you are not so sure about Mediafire. 


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