3 Critical Things to Consider Before Ordering Your Mobile Accessories Boxes

You’ve got the best mobile accessories in the world, you have conceived an excellent packaging design, and now you are all set to place your packaging order. But, before you make this ambition a reality, there are few essential things to consider that can help you up your packaging game. Below are 3critical things to consider before ordering your mobile accessories boxes.

Did you Brood Over the Storage of your Boxes?

If your wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes aren’t properly stored, it means you are actually throwing them away. Since cardboard and paper-based packaging are eco-friendly options, they will naturally deteriorate. But, you can control the rate at which they deteriorate by taking simple measures. These precautionary measures will allow you to keep your packaging beautiful and fresh for a longer period.

Moisture can affect the structural integrity of your packaging boxes, so always keep them in a dry and cool place. Make sure you won’t leave them in the open. And if you need to ship your boxes beyond the borders wrap them up with cling wrap or Kraft paper or use a shipping box to store them. This will keep your packaging safe from all the external elements like dust, moisture, etc.

Protect them from coming into direct contact with light. An intense light, such as sunlight or spotlight can cause discoloration. It can easily turn a dark blue color into light blue if it remains in contact with the sunlight for far too long.

Have you Picked the Right Packaging Box?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer because picking the right packaging box for your mobile accessories depends on various factors. Naturally rigid boxes are the first choice of manufacturers and retailers because they are nice and sleek looking boxes. But, these boxes have more demerits than merits. They are expensive, difficult to store, costly to ship, and prone to damage.

Occupying more space will affect your business in two critical ways. First of all, space inefficiency will prevent you from storing more boxes because rigid boxes can’t be flattened. This means you won’t get the opportunity to buy additional units to improve the economies of scale. Next up, not all boxes are created equal. Some are built to be e-commerce shipping friendly and sturdy, while others are simple, compact, and space-efficient that are ideal to pack lightweight products.

Folding cartons are perfect to encase smaller items, like mobile accessories, beauty products and more. Mailer boxes, however, are used for more fragile products. So choose your custom mobile accessories boxes wisely.

Did You Consider How to Place& Protect your Product in Boxes?

Now that you know how to keep your mobile accessories boxes safe, it’s time to do the same for your product. The packaging is not only the first impression of your brand and product but it also an opportunity to tell your story to the audience. Even if you have just launched a product, you’ll be quenching to provide a memorable unboxing experience to your target customers.

Think about including custom inserts in your packaging boxes. The inner cardboard is perfectly tailored to hold your accessories in place inside the packaging. These are the most powerful tools available that can greatly enhance the unboxing experience. You can also use them to print brand stories, slogans, and product-related instructions.

The best part is you can find several options for fillers, which include bubble wrap, simple Kraft paper, and tissue paper. However, if you are seeking an inexpensive filler, then the shredded paper is a popular DIY solution. In a nutshell, there are countless options for you when it comes to keeping the contents of your box in place. More importantly, the inserts can protect your accessories from possible damage during transit. This makes them a valuable option for mobile accessories manufacturers.

Bearing these suggestions in mind, we hope you will be able to craft killer packaging for your products. Now all you need to do is find a proficient packaging company in the US like The Legacy Printing that specializes in custom mobile accessories packaging and offers customized packages at affordable prices.


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